Pixel art has become a soft spot in the hearts and minds of gamers who grew up in the 8 and 16-bit generations. Within the past couple of years, IPs such as “Shovel Knight,” “Mighty NO.9,” and “Retro City Rampage” have graced the current generation of consoles with every bit of grace and simplistic charm as “Super Mario Bros.” had done so many years ago. But homebrew games are a horse of a different color. These games are built from the ground up to be enjoyed on outdated technology. Here’s a comprehensive buyers guide to purchasing the best homebrew titles for your early generation consoles dating from the Colecovision to the Super Nintendo.

“Battle Kid” (NES)
A Megaman clone is the best possible sense, “Battle Kid” provides games with every bit of 8-bit joy that only the original Nintendo can provide. An easy to find game, now available complete in box for around $50, “Battle Kid’s” main hero is a young cybernetic boy who must find his way to an evil inventor’s castle, very similar in premise to the “Megaman” series from which it was inspired. The levels are beautifully rendered, with no lag in between frames, you go from rocky mountains to isolated dungeons hoping to conquer each level boss. A must-buy for any fan of action platform gaming.

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