Jeff Lemire & Kano Lead the Charge for Valiant’s BLOOODSHOT REBORN 2016 ANNUAL #1 – A 64-Page Showdown Coming in March

Acclaimed Creators Ray Fawkes, Michel Fiffe, Benjamin Marra, Paul Maybury and More Join Valiant’s First-Ever Annual-Sized Spectacular

This March, Valiant’s indestructible commando gears up for Valiant’s first-ever annual with an action-packed tour of Bloodshot’s past, present, and future! 

Valiant is proud to announce the BLOODSHOT REBORN 2016 ANNUAL #1 – a 64-page extravaganza coming this March from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (Extraordinary X-Men) and acclaimed artist Kano (QUANTUM AND WOODY, Swamp Thing)… plus an all-star cast of special guest stars including Ray Fawkes (Batman Eternal), Michel Fiffe (Copra) & Benjamin Marra (Strange Tales),Paul Maybury (Sovereign), and more!

First: Terror doesn’t wait for Friday at Camp Silver Lake in an extra-sized tale of summertime mayhem from Jeff Lemire and Kano! A masked menace has stalked this camp for years, but what happens when one unstoppable killing machine comes up against another? Bloodshot is about to bring his bloody brand of justice to the quiet shores of Silver Lake to take on America’s most notorious slasher!

Then: Jeff Lemire presents a very special Bloodsquirt solo adventure, alongside all-new stories from Fawkes, Fiffe & Marra, Maybury, and more! From his classified past to the post-apocalyptic future of “THE ANALOG MAN” and featuring the first glimpses of major milestones coming for Bloodshot in 2016 and beyond, duck and cover when the BLOODSHOT REBORN 2016 ANNUAL #1 reveals 64 pages of never-before-told tales for Valiant’s nanite-enhanced agent of destruction!

Featuring covers by Kano, Ryan Bodenheim (The Dying and The Dead), Robert Wilson IV (Bitch Planet) and Keron Grant (Fantastic Four), Valiant’s acclaimed ongoing series ups the ante this March as Jeff Lemire and Kano lead an all-star cast of comics’ brightest talents into the line of fire forBLOODSHOT REBORN 2016 ANNUAL #1 – a 64-page, summer-sized blockbuster!

Then, “THE ANALOG MAN” returns in April with an all-new chapter in BLOODSHOT REBORN #12! Jump back into the driver’s seat as Jeff Lemire and artist extraordinaire Lewis LaRosa continue their post-apocalyptic thrill-ride with the next installment of the gasoline-soaked storyline that must be seen to be believed – presented in the deluxe VALIANT PRESTIGE format!

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