The People vs. O.J. Simpson Episode Recap: 100% Not Guilty

This episode of “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” was momentous.

“100% Not Guilty” showed the audience how the dream team along with O.J. decided to make Johnnie Cochran the lead attorney. It is obvious that Cochran has the charm and the personality to convince the Jurors of making the decision of Not Guilty.

There was plenty of strategy in that took place during this episode that involved Cochran and Clarke. Cochran had a plan to become the lead attorney on the case and by doing so he constantly contradicted Robert Shapiro. While Shapiro was a likable character in the previous episodes, his stock has fallen tremendously here as he gets schooled by the witty Cochran. Meanwhile, Clarke is trying to sway over a majority of black women jurors who can relate to domestic violence. The problem is that Clarke is not a likable person, especially to the jurors who are involved with this case.

We did get introduced to new characters in this episode. Lance Ito who played by Kenneth Choi (“Sons of Anarchy”) is assigned the O.J. case as the lead Judge. Faye Resnick played by Connie Britton (“Nashville”), was Nicole Brown Simpson’s best friend and decides to write a book about her which stalls the trial a bit. Resnick is extremely unlikable and seems like the type of person who seeks the ultimate attention. Choi is the perfect actor to portray the famous Judge Ito. His mannerisms and personality are spot on.

What is great about this episode is how Cochran convinces the audiences to side with O.J. Simpson. A great scene in this episode is when Cochran tells a story to O.J. how he was once down in the dumps and got inspired again to back to the man he once was after he watched one of his football games. The more O.J. got knocked down, the more he got up. It is obvious that Cochran was trying to bring O.J. back to the man he was once was and snap out of his funk that he was in. It was the way Cochran can easily convince O.J. about getting back on his feet that were inspiring to the audience. The look in his eyes and the passion he brings to the table really makes you root for O.J. no matter what color you are. Although 1994 was a different time you still got to see how the majority of society made rational thoughts. Some may say that the race card was thrown out there way too much while others can make decisions based on facts.

Overall this episode was exciting because we were taken to the court room and got to see Cochran’s strategy and his style. We also got to see How Marsha Clarke was able to counter the dream team with her strategic move by adding a Black lawyer to her team, Christopher Darden who once worked for Johnnie Cochran. The look on Cochran and O.J.’s face along with the rest of the dream team were absolutely priceless.

It will be interesting to see how Cochran who is now the lead attorney of the dream team will prove O.J’s innocence.

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