Review Fix Exclusive: Novacrow’s Kitty Staunton Talks ‘Fight the Horde’ and More

Review Fix chats with Kitty Staunton, lead vocalist and guitarist for Novacrow, who discusses the band’s origin, standout work and goals for the future.

Review Fix: How did the band get together?

Kitty Staunton: Jonyx and I formed Novacrow at the end of 2013 and we met Federico and Torben when relocating. I think we were all drawn together by a mutual love of acting like complete idiots onstage and the fact that we’re four of the most uncool people in Liverpool.

Review Fix: What’s your creative process like?

Staunton: For most of our songs, including all of the material on our new EP, the tracks have been ones I have primarily written, which we have then tweaked and altered as a band. Usually I get an idea of a melody in my head before picking up the guitar and then focus on a phrase or theme for the lyrics.

Review Fix: What’s your standout song?

Staunton: It would probably be Fight The Horde!!!, which was released as a single and is featured on our new EP Black Syrup.

I think it gives a good indication of our sound, as it has heavy riffs, big choruses and has the sort of tongue-in-cheek horror vibes that we all love. It is one of my very favourites to play live. Plus we have a really cheesy zombie music video to go alongside it, which just makes me enjoy the song even more.

Review Fix: How was it written?

Staunton: Fight The Horde!!! came together incredibly easily. I already knew exactly how I wanted the choruses to sound when putting together the demo. I’d had the idea for the melody whilst walking and actually stopped to record the tune on my phone. The main and intro riffs were actually variations on an instrumental track which I had written years ago.

The lyrics are light-hearted and fun. I love zombies, so wanted to work this into a track. The storyline of the song is loosely based on The Last of Us (such an awesome game!), following Joel and Ellie’s relationship.

Review Fix: What are your goals for 2016?

Staunton: We have our EP, Black Syrup, coming out 12th of March, which I am extremely proud of. We’ve organised a huge launch party show, with bands, burlesque and zombie face-painting for everyone (more info  Following that, we’ll be playing a host of gigs across the UK. Our primary objective as a band is for world domination. Whilst I appreciate that we may not achieve that in one year, we hope to seduce as many people as possible with our tasty music and orgasmic live shows.

Review Fix: How do you want your music to affect people?

Staunton: In my opinion, there is nothing better than a kickass live show and ultimately we want people to WANT to come and see us. We put at least 169% into every performance and aim to make each one as memorable as possible. I want people to leave a Novacrow show chuckling to themselves and thinking ‘Holy shit! That was so much fun.’

Also, whilst there are plenty of absolute firecrackers, there is a weird lack of female musicians in the rock and metal scene overall. I think if I could inspire even one badass girl to pick up a guitar that would be the ultimate personal achievement for me.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Staunton: Gigs, gigs and more gigs! On top of that, we have a new music video scheduled and we will be focussing on spicy new material. Make sure you come and catch us at a show near you.

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