Review Fix Exclusive: Tekh Togo Talks ‘Dressed to Kill’ and More

Review Fix chats with rapper Tekh Togo, who discusses his new video “Dressed to Kill,” featuring Joose of AGO. Preparing for the release of BlackWater, his forthcoming album featuring Mick Jenkins, Nitty Scott MC and Dougy Lo Hot as well as production from Mistro, Nixon and Seventh of AGO, Togo also breaks down his goals for 2016.

Review Fix: What inspired this video?

Tekh Togo: Dressed To Kill was more a brainstorm of ideas then being inspired by something in particular. I think with this type song it could’ve easily been a generic video. I knew I wanted to go left and almost have the video mean something different than what the actual song is saying, convey a different message. My guy Andy Miller laid the initial groundwork, then my girlfriend Ashley and I bounced some more ideas around. When the mannequin idea came about that became more of the theme and story throughout the video. I like to leave things open for interpretation so it’s not so cut and dry, you get to draw your own conclusion or meaning on Dressed To Kill.

Review Fix: What was it like to work with Mick Jenkins?

Togo: I heard a joint he did I believe it was posted on NahRight a track off his first tape Trees & Truths. I don’t follow the hype, this is before the space he is in now. I just thought he sounded dope and different. I thought he would sound dope on the End of the Rainbow song I had so I hit him up. He checked it out said he liked it and liked my flow, he knocked it out and did his thing on it. So it wasn’t like we vibed out in the lab. It was more email correspondence, “your shit is nice, can you jump on this?” “yeah, I fuck with what you’re doing too” boom here you go.

Review Fix: How do you want this video to be remembered?

Togo: As the genesis for Tekh Togo the artist. My previous works that have got any light was me behind the camera mostly. Now you’re getting to see me on the other side of the lens adding visuals to my music. I think Dressed To Kill adds a piece to the puzzle, it’s like ok I see this guy Tekh Togo is just ill all around.

Review Fix: How was this song written?

Togo: My dude Nixon sent me over a track he said it was weird, but he thought I could do something with it, he even named it Weird Beat. I was expecting some extra wild sounding shit so when I played it I was kind of shocked to hear what sounds like a boys choir singing (not so weird to me) but the beat was ill. The beat has a haunting slightly dark feel to it so I knew I wanted it for my Blackwater album. It fit perfect. I write to the beat so “we deep down in the trenches in trench coats” is just what I was seeing listening to the beat, I see war listening to that track. I kind of just played on fashion and intertwined it with war after that first line. I hit up the homie Joose The Conqueror to get on it, I felt his rhyme style and cadence would fit dope with the beat. I let him hear it, ran down idea of where I was going lyrically, he got busy and put it down.

Review Fix: How important is interacting with your fans on social media to you?

Togo: It’s important, especially when they give praise or positive feedback on the artwork. I’m very competitive with myself, a lot of my work is me trying to manifest the ideas and visions in my head. It’s also for the world, so when people hit me up to let me know they liked the art or felt it I feel I should show appreciation for that whether it’s just a thanks or a conversation ensues.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Togo: Blackwater the album dropping January 28. More videos for the project, Unfortunate is next. Just a lot more art from me this year, music, visuals, shows etc 2016 you’re going to see a lot of Tekh Togo.

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