Huck TPG Volume 1 Review: Excellent

Doing good deeds is something that comes naturally to some people. It’s much easier to do said good deeds when you have super powers. One such example is in Mark Millar’s “Huck” with art by Rafael Albuquerque and it is something spectacular.

Huck is a lovable lug with superpowers whose goal in life is to do at least one good deed every day. One day a new neighbor is helped by Huck and has the idea of telling the media about it. This causes Huck’s past to come back and now Huck will learn who he really is and where his family came from.

This is a different take on the superhero genre. Instead of the usual person is a superhero who saves lives because it’s the right thing, here we have a super powered character doing things because he’s nice. Yeah, that’s all you need to know. Huck is just a nice guy who wants to do good. It’s actually a relief to see a character like this. Huck has no sense of justice or duty; he just has a heart of gold.

As for the crux of the story, where it all leads up to does come off as a tad overused. It’s an old cliché that seems like it refuses to die in the comic industry. The really redeeming factor is that the rest of the comic and the writing is excellent so this little tidbit can be excused.

Albuquerque’s art is also impressive. The comic is lovely to look at due to excellent character design, lovely colors, and awesome looking backgrounds. The best part is that it’s one of the better-looking superhero comics. It’s almost impossible to tell that this is supposed to be a superhero comic.

“Huck” is an excellent superhero comic that does a lot of things different with great art. The cliché twist near the end of the comic does not affect the overall quality of the story due to strong writing.

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