How to Bet on Basketball

Basketball bets are loved by those who prefer dynamic and spectacular games. Bookmakers offer to place basketball bets on one of the teams winning, or on the total score of the game, or the individual total of a separate team and spread bets.

Characteristics of Basketball Bets

For the standard bet, there are several things to pay attention to, such as the point difference spread or total, without considerably lowered coefficient. In football, when the spread is one point higher, payout coefficient decreases significantly.

The total score of basketball games can be very significant and usually fluctuates in 150-230 points range. That’s why it’s better that your basketball bets are more protected from accidental shots. Moreover, if you have accounts with several bookmakers, you need to compare their lines. If total offered by bookmaker is three or more points higher or lower, you can consider implementing a corridor strategy for this match.

Depending on the bookmaker, straight basketball bets are for regulation time only or can include overtime. One of the main arguments supporting basketball bets is the minimum chances of a tie outcome. To insure yourself from this possibility, you can use -0.5 spread betting if the coefficient is lowered insignificantly.

It’s believed that live basketball bets are attractive only for those bettors who learned this betting method long ago and are real experts in this sport. Generally, this assumption is true since placing live basketball bets requires loads of knowledge, ability to quickly respond to the ever-changing situation and make right decisions. Bettors also need to constantly monitor coefficients. There’s almost no time left to collect and analyze information when you place live basketball bets. Basketball is a very dynamic sport and drastic changes can happen fast during the game. Without proper knowledge base, it’s very difficult to have positive results.

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