Zombie Tramp: New Year’s Eve Special Review: Silly and Fun

New Year’s Eve in Times Square is the biggest New Year’s extravaganza in the world. Of course, everything is done to make sure nothing goes wrong, not even a zombie attack. Well, “Zombie Tramp: New Year’s Eve Special” by Shawn Gabborin, Dave Dwonch and Dan Mendoza with art by Marco Maccagni and Marcelo Costa make sure that zombies do indeed ruin New Year’s in the goriest way possible.

Our “heroines,” Janey and Xula, decide to crash the Times Square New Year’s Eve event and kill Ryan Seacrest and “Bandstand.” Of course, they have to get by security first.

This is a silly story line where comic characters do a fantasy a ton of people has. In a way, that’s what makes it entertaining. Because it’s silly, we want to see how it all plays out to the point where the reader can forgive the overused trope of the stupid security guard. The writers understand that this type of story can’t be serious and should only be played for laughs.

One the biggest thing is the character Bandstand. It’s an obvious riff of Dick Clark who hosted the New Year’s Eve show until he retired and then replaced by Ryan Seacrest. What happens to him throughout the comic and the ending is funny and does shine a light on how silly the entire show is. Even Ryan Seacrest hating this gig will get a few laughs.

The artwork is a little weird. The overall design is fine and all, but the characters’ faces seem off. The artists went all out to make them as funny looking as possible which is fitting for this type of story, but some will be put off by it. There aren’t any major problems with it as long as the story is comedy/satire and not something serious.

“Zombie Tramp: New Year’s Eve Special” is a fun, silly spoof that is perfect reading when ringing in the new year. It doesn’t take itself that seriously which is its greatest strength with art that’s fine for what it is.

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