9 Ideas for Geeky Valentinetine’s Day Gifts

The Valentine’s Day is coming, but there is no reason to lose your head if you are still without a gift for your Significant Other. We aren’t going to give you a 100%-complete list of Great Gifts. We don’t have the kind of space to present you with a collective works of Tolstoy and Pushkin worth of material, and you probably don’t have the kind of time it would take to read it all.
But we did the next best thing and compiled a list of nine options you are free to avail yourself of. You’ll thank us on February 15th.

Comic book wallet

Wallets are great. Comic book-related things have more fans than they have ever had before. Why not combine a love for geekdom in all its manifestations with a functional and fundamentally useful wallet?

Take for instance this Marvel wallet. It looks stylish on the outside, with a simple form, black leather cover and a subtle marvel logo it doesn’t draw attention to itself. But open it and a world of imagination unfolds, with printed interior full of classic characters.

If your life partner is a comic book fan, make sure which publisher (Marvel, DC, Top Cow, numerous others) is the favorite and adjust your wallet selection accordingly.

Amulet of Mara


The Amulet of Mara necklace
Source: store.bethsoft.com

Did you play Skyrim? Or, more importantly, did your SO play Skyrim? If so, chances are good they are familiar with a pretty necklace with a turquoise embedded in the center and a strong connection to a cult of Mara.

The Amulet of Mara is The Elder Scrolls’ series version of an engagement/wedding ring. While it probably does not bear the same significance in our world, as a gift to a gamer from a loving gamer may well be one of the better ways you could express affection without having to state it aloud. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it is a rather nice-looking accessory, and officially licensed, too.

Math Equation Watch

For those of a more scientific disposition, and a lot of time on their hands there are many watches which replace regular numbers with something else. The diversity is incredible. From simple equations, to complex calculations, there’s even a watch with the periodic table of elements.

An interesting selection of different watches can be found on The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Amazon page. If you want a specific recommendation, we can suggest picking this one for easy, 9-based calculations.

Wizard hoodie


Technomancer 2.0 hoodie
Source: thinkgeek.com

Put on your robe and wizard hat with this hoodie from ThinkGeek. Powered by the collective mystic energies of six AA batteries, the Technomancer 2.0 is a complex lightshow guided by several accelerometers hiding in the sleeves and the hood itself.

The hoodie comes equipped with nine spells as well as a general lightshow and a Restore Mana position, each requiring a different motion to activate and use properly. It can take quite a long time to master, but still significantly shorter than it would take to become a master of multiple schools of magic, so it’s probably worth giving it a fair shake.

If either or both of you like a little bit of magic in your private time, a Technomancer 2.0 hoodie is not a terrible start.

Samurai Sword Kitchen Knife Set


Samurai Sword Kitchen Knife Set
Source: amazon.com

Let’s make one thing clear right off the bat: these knives are not made by Masamune or any other smith whose craft has become a legend. But they are still good knives and having a knife set based on a traditional katana is a nice touch for a kitchen in your love nest.

The set includes a bread knife, a utility knife, a paring knife, and finally a chef’s knife.

Whether you aim to add style to your kitchen or are looking for a nice set of knives before investing in a professional set, this set is sure to serve well in either function. And you can get them for about 50 bucks, too.

Heartfelt proximity alert


Heart-based proximity shirt
Source: amazon.com

There are worse way to track your significant other than having a cute gaming proximity meter on your chest. With 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt you always know when your partner is close by.

The shirts have twin proximity sensors (probably not thanks to quantum entanglement, but such mysteries are hidden to us) and six red hearts lighting up the closer you are to your other half. It’s a neat gadget that can double as an early warning system if one of you is up to some shenanigans. And an interesting variation for some quirky hide-and-seek game. Possibilities are endless, but the supply isn’t, so you may have some trouble getting it without descending low into dark corners of the Internet. Or eBay, eBay may work too.

The One Ring

Giving one link would be unfair. There are so many suppliers of this that Sauron could equip all of his minions with dummy Rings and watch the Free Folk lose their minds trying to find the real one.

Despite the admittedly grim implications getting yourself and your loved one One Ring each is a quite cool way of expressing affection and just how precious the other person is to you. Just steer clear of volcanos, dragons, and ominous-looking towers of dark stone.

There are many various materials used to make them, ranging from tungsten alloys to, of course, gold. Just don’t try to check if the letters glow. They probably won’t, but if they will you must keep it secret, keep it safe.

Health-restoring cup


Heat-changing heart mug
Source: thinkgeek.com

If your proximity-shirt-wearing partner is far away they need some alternative way of replenishing the HP lost dungeon crawling and fighting against the unfeeling tides of time. Show them your affection by gifting them this handy cup capable of refilling one heart worth of HP at a time. All that’s needed is some delicious hot beverage to activate heat-reactive magics and your distant hero can watch the heart fill up.

You can this beast for a measly $10 at ThinkGeek. Video game characters have the best health services imaginable, let your SO enjoy some of it too.

Warning: if a green-clad young man comes, hide the cup. That person is wanted for destroying private property of ceramic variety in several kingdoms and timelines. Be very careful.

Matching custom controllers

If both of you are gamers you probably enjoy a good co-op, especially when it’s local (because online co-op can’t even hold a candle to local). In which case it may be a good idea to invest a bit and get yourselves custom controllers so that everybody knows you are perfect for each other and which controllers are off-limits to guests.

There is no shortage of stores offering custom-made controllers. Two of them are The Controller Shop and Controller Chaos, but you can very likely find one that fits your specific needs better, or offers better shipping to where you live. One thing is sure, however: matching gamepads are as close to saying “I love you” as a gamer can express without saying anything.

Final word

Hopefully this list can help you find the right gift for your Valentine this year, or narrow down the possible avenues to a manageable few. You can always check out some video and board games if you’re up to a slightly (but not very) active free time with your other half. If both of you enjoy video games of various skill requirements, there are enough Valentine’s Day sales and offers to let you find something worthwhile for both of you without spending a fortune just to play a good co-op. And gadgets, well, there are so many stores catering to geeks that you can always find something worthwhile just for the two of you.
What are your suggestions for a good geeky gift? One that you have maybe tried before, or one that you are planning to? Let us know in the comments.

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