Review Fix Exclusive: Inside ‘Warcher Defenders’

Review Fix chats with Ogre Pixel’s Steve Duran, who discusses the fun new iOS game “Warcher Defenders,” breaking down its creative process and goals for the future. A combination of Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies and Slayin, “Warcher Defenders” is a deep mobile game with a simple premise.

Review Fix: What was the inspiration for this game?

Steve Durán: For Warcher Defenders I wanted to create something really easy to play and with a lot of action, it started as a mixture between Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies and Slayin, Angry Birds because in the beginning the archer was able to shoot in different directions so it added that Angry Birds vibe to it; Plants vs Zombies because of the enemy hordes, I found that protecting a tower from enemy hordes would be cool; and finally Slayin because of the whole arcade vibe of it.

Review Fix: What has development been like?

Durán: Well to be honest the game development was hard, and not hard because we had troubles getting things done it but because we developed it on our spare time: nights and weekends. That was hard because even if we were tired or wanted to spend time with friends we had to work hard on it in order to finish it in a reasonable time.

Review Fix: The game has an awesome look, what were some of the films or books you’ve read or watched that helped mold the game’s look?

Durán: Warcher Defenders look was inspired by good old NES and SNES games like Zelda, Castlevania and Ghost n Goblins.

Review Fix: What games did you play as a kid? How did they influence this one?

Durán: I am a big fan of The Legend of Zelda (specially A link to the Past from the SNES) and Castlevania (specially NES titles) games, and yeah, there are few references to those games on Warcher.

Review Fix: What do you think is the coolest feature in the game?

Durán: I think the best feature is the simplicity to play, by just swiping up/down to move and taping to shoot is something really simple but it also makes it really fun to play.

Review Fix: : Bottom line, why should someone play this?

Durán: Warcher Defenders offers a nice mixture between Castle Defense and Arcade game styles, that plus the simplicity to play and its nice graphics and soundtrack makes Warcher a really nice and cool game to play.

Review Fix: This game would be a blast on the go. Any plans for a PlayStation Vita version?

Durán: PlayStation Vita is not in the plans right now, we are currently working on the Android version and possibly an AppleTV version too.

Review Fix: What are your goals for the game?

Durán: We want Warcher Defenders to be a game that people really enjoy, we tried to offer a game with a lot of replayability, that’s why it has three unique playable characters, three unique game modes and some unlockables too.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Durán: Now, for Warcher next is the Android version and, in the future, a big update with new game contents like playable characters, unlockables, enemies, etc. For Ogre Pixel, I have an idea for the next game, this idea is yelling to be prototyped, we want to develop it, see how it works and posibly this would be the next Ogre Pixel’s game.

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