Adventure Time X Regular Show Review: A Fan Pleaser

“Adventure Time” is one of the biggest “Cartoon Network” shows playing today. It has garnered a lot of fans ever since its reception. One of the more recent examples of its fame is through comics. “Cartoon Network” with writer Connor McCreery and artists Mattia Di Meo, Joana LaFuente has joined this with “Regular Show” to make “Adventure Time X Regular Show” and it is a fan pleaser.

Finn and Jake are once again under attack. This time by quarter orcs (yes) led by the Master of Division. This foe has put a curse on them that makes them hate each other. Meanwhile, Mordecai has to help out at a day care for tyrants. Eventually, Finn and co. walk through a portal that sends them to the world of “Regular Show.”

This concept may be old, but there is a ton that can be done with these two crazy shows. There is a large possibility that whatever the story entails will guarantee the crazy levels will go to eleven.

However, “Adventure Time’s” story is a lot more interesting than “Regular Show’s.” Quarter orcs and a villain that has the power to make best friends hate each other is brilliant. One of the main things about “Adventure Time” is Finn and Jake’s friendship. Get rid of that and there will be no show. Also, this whole quarter orc thing needs to be drawn out a bit more. Sounds interesting.

Mordecai taking care of child version of tyrants sounds like something that has been done to death and predictable. It’s unclear how well these characters will work with “Adventure Time” characters, but that remains to be seen.

The artists did a great job of making this comic look like their respective shows. That may be because the art styles look like they can easily be turned into a comic. This will please many fans. Another plus is that, while cartoons have fast movements, here the artists have succeeded in making the action look fluid. One example is the fight between Finn/Jake and the Master. It’s a well done comic version of what it might look like on the show.

Fans will find a lot to like in”Adventure Time X Regular Show.” It recreates the feel of each show both in story telling and art. “Adventure Time’s” story may be the stronger of the two and how well these two shows meld together may still need to be seen, but it will make the fans happy.

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