Misbegotten: Runaway Nun #1 Review: Undelivered Potential

It would appear that science and religion have been at odds with each other for what seems like forever. There has never been a full-on war between to the sides, so we don’t know how that’ll go down. Caesar Voghan has an idea how that’ll turn, so he and artist Justin Case created “Misbegotten: Runaway Nun” with that premise in mind. Sadly, the first issue leaves a lot to be desired.

In the near future where The Vatican rules the world, gunpowder is illegal and medieval weapons reign supreme, there is a war raging between these new Christians and rebels who are pro-science. Father Elano is in the middle of the miss, along with coming into contact with a woman who looks like Marilyn Monroe who knows how the world really used to be.

One thing this comic has is a bunch of people who look like famous people, such as Gandhi, Marilyn Monroe and Freud. There’s little done with these likenesses besides, “hey, this character looks like somebody famous.” As for the story proper, it’s mediocre. We’ve seen this type of stuff before. The Christians are bigots and the science people are mad scientists. Even with the medieval/sci-fi mixture, it still lacks in the storytelling department. Also, the Monroe character will obviously be like how some people view the real Monroe where it was her fault JFK got assassinated.

The artwork also falls into the mediocre category. While the character designs are OK, the primary color seems to be brown and other dark colors. There are some traces of red and green when we get to the main science character, but besides that, it looks just too drab and ugly. While this is supposed to be some kind dark, serious story, the colors still need to be vibrant and not boring. The mock “Last Supper” drawing looks a lot better than the actual comic.

“Misbegotten: Runaway Nun” may have a great premise, but the execution falls flat in both story and art. The characters are walking tropes and the art just looks unpleasing.

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