Review Fix Exclusive: Inside Episode Three of Bear With Me

Review Fix chats with the creative director of Bear With Me, Hrvoje Maros, who discusses the final episode of the point-and-click adventure and what’s next for the series and the developer.

About Episode Three of Bear With Me:

At the close of episode two, the series’ heroine, a 10-year old girl named Amber, was kidnapped. Now it will be up to her imaginary private eye sidekick, Ted E. Bear, to rescue his partner, locate her missing brother and catch their nemesis.

To get to the bottom of this mystery, Ted will gather clues, interview a cast of other toys brought to life and solve puzzles, all while quipping one-liners and pop culture references.

Review Fix: What has it been like to work with this series?

Hrvoje Maros: Bear With Me was a learning experience. It was our first big IP, and for the most part we were really just trying our best. We’ve learned a great deal from the process and hopefully, we’ll take those lessons with our next project. It was a lot of fun figuring all this stuff out, though.

Review Fix: What have you learned about yourself as a developer?

Maros: We’ve learned we work well under pressure and we can get really creative when facing deadlines. We’ve also learned there is nothing we can’t pull off if we set out minds to it. Knowing this is really reassuring, like a safety net.

Review Fix: What makes this episode special?

Maros: Since this is the last episode, this is the one where all the questions will be answered. Who’s Red? What happened to Flint? Was it all in Amber’s mind? And so on… It’s an exciting, emotional finale filled with twists and revelations.

Review Fix: What has been the feedback from the community on the first two episodes and how has that influenced this one?

Maros: The main thing we got from the feedback is to make the duration of episodes longer. Episode 2 was twice as long (gameplay wise) than episode 1. Episode 3 has almost double the content of first two episodes combined. What we were going for here is the same duration of the game as a whole, but spread across fewer episodes. Also, to cut back on 4th wall breakers a bit, so we did.

Review Fix: How do you want this episode to be remembered?

Maros: We’re hoping the last episode will leave a lasting impression on the players long after they finish the episode, and leave them with a satisfying conclusion to an interesting series.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Maros: Only time will tell… We’re hoping to unify the episodic format of BWM. We have some other projects we would like to get started on, also some older ones in need of revising.

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