Review Fix Exclusive: Eve Minor Talks Shooting Stars EP And More

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Eve Minor, who discusses her new Shooting Stars EP, as well as her introduction to music.

About Eve Minor:

Taking her love for the classic “bombshell” aesthetic and throwing in her own sense of humor captures Eve’s carefree attitude. She embraces her pin-up looks and likes incorporating her sexuality into her work. She’s been a successful cover model and has been in XXL, and has walked New York Fashion week.

Review Fix: Why is music important to you?

Eve Minor: Music is important to me for so many reasons. It’s importance changed over time. When I was about 4 I used to run away into a neighbor’s garage where nobody could find me and play this dusty piano and sing little melodies that would make me feel safe and beautiful. I was always a natural writer. As I got older, there’s so much to add to that but it helped me in ways I couldn’t help myself, doctors, rehab councilors, friends, nobody could help save me in the way music did. From playing, to writing, to singing, it has become my being. If I don’t play or write, everyone can tell. I become depressed. Now music is much more to me than a friend, a lover, a therapist, it’s who I am. It saves me when I’m down, celebrates when I’m up. Currently, it’s helping me sort out my own insecure feelings about someone. I think it’s conducive instead of telling someone I love them prematurely I’ll just write and write and hope one day I can maybe tell them how I feel. I’m weird like that, I use songs and music to help guide me and give me advice, and sift through my feelings.

Review Fix: How did you first get involved in music?

Minor: I was always very involved. I played in orchestras and rock and metal bands and sang from 4 onward. I used to write symphonic pieces with choral arrangements and from there I would take a theme and evolve it into a song, and that was the birth of my songwriting. I made a handful of demos growing up and played guitar and bass in a lot of metal and punk bands as a kid, but I always knew that’s where my heart was. In music. I always knew this was my path.

Review Fix: How was “Shooting Stars” written?

Minor: The record was written over time. Shooting Stars the song actually came to me in my car. I am a recovered drug addict and I fantasize about using sometimes, I get triggers, and it’s very hard for me to stay mentally clean, I think any addict can relate, it’s a day by day thing. I kind of just cried and was so frustrated with my behavior and wrote that song out of just compassion for my situation. Like “this is where I’m at, this is how I feel” just an acceptance of my circumstance and trying to stay grounded. All of the songs are stories of myself and reflecting on experiences as they happen and of course you know, boys. I’m a hopeless romantic to the death of me. They all have unique stories.

Review Fix: What makes it a special EP?

Minor: This is the first time I just opened myself in such a way musically and lyrically and emotionally. I just stared my demons in the face and allowed them to exist in an audible moment. Songs like Queen of the Jungle and Last Day Here are so important to me, I mean they all are but those two songs are so deep and dear to me, every song on this record is. Queen of the Jungle is just part one of me accepting cancer and illness and laughing in it’s face. Becoming bigger than it, and saying I won’t ever die, it’s emotional but strong and honest, so honest. It also touches on gang culture, it has a lot of meanings, most of my music doesn’t lyrically mean one thing, it’s taken more than one way. Last Day Here is the aftermath of that, basically saying that if this is what it is and this is life then I will call it love. That every moment counts and everybody is beautiful and what we think is the world is not, that moments are precious, we are precious, and to just spread love and live every day like it’s the last day here. There’s no wrong in the world if you have love in your heart. Supervillain, Shoulda Neva, Shooting Stars are also just honest records, my soul is in there.

Review Fix: How do you want this EP to be remembered?

Minor: I want it to be empowering. I want it to encourage people to be themselves fearlessly and to inspire youths of unfavorable circumstances to rise from their situations. Women, to not take sh*t and just show their strength as it is beauty. I’m so humbled by life’s experiences, I didn’t have it easy, really, there is so much pain and despair, I’ve seen so much and I am a survivor of many unfavorable circumstances. I want that to be upfront, and an example for the little girl who gets beaten, or the woman who can’t walk away, or the junky who gets put down, the kid with cuts on his arm, the poor and the foster children who feel out of place, I want them to know that you can be you and you will be OK. You absolutely will be ok, and you will find your happiness and to never give up. Be a warrior, be the change. That’s how I want this to be remembered. I am the change, I am the difference, I am alive and here and willing to grow and learn and heal everyday, and spread love. I want this EP to show that we can. Women can be independent. People can grow and love exists.

Review Fix: What do you think is the best song on this EP? Why?

Minor: That’s a hard question. I’ve been back and forth with each track calling it my favorite. I think my top two favorites are Shooting $tars and Supervillain. Maybe Supervillain could be my favorite. It has such a deep story and I really poured my entire heart into it. It started as a piece, I had this huge crush on a friend and I’m really working on being more honest about my crushes but rejection exists so I’m very cautious (who am I kidding, I’m a wild card) -regardless, I really really liked him and he seemed to like me too, and I wanted it to be more symphonic in its origins, like a romantic 1800’s piece but modern, and I found out he had a GF and it hurt me, it really did. We had dinner and I was totally crushed. We were talking for so long before we even met. I mean I still talk to him but I never told him I was crushed… I just put all the love I wanted to give to him in that song, and I also was saying that he’s bad but I am too. Kind of flipped the script like “if you’re a villain, I’m a super villain” … I mean each lyric has profound meaning, it’d have to be dissected. Hurt me so good, means a lot of different things lol but generally yes, I poured my entire heart and soul into that piece, and asked him to listen to it the other day… he’s pretty huge in music so… I guess he wouldn’t think anything of it… but, originally it was a present, I’m bad at saying direct things, but I can write about my feelings.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Minor: I will be releasing a music video for Queen of the Jungle and Last Day Here. Also some tour footage, that is absolutely insane. Paul Booth will direct the video for Shooting $tars, he actually did the cover up tattoo I have that is the $tars cover. I may remix a couple of tracks. I have some collabs coming up, more on that later. I am cutting a new record actually, not sure of the title. I think one track is going to be called “Guts”, not positive on the title yet.  For those of you who have attended the shows, you probably heard “Phil Jackson” and other tracks that will be on this record. I just keep writing and experiencing and remaining honest. Crushing on a friend, you know low-key crushing, sending him hearts and accepting L’s … I’m gonna make it out the friend zone, you’ll see. Check back in a couple months. LMFAO But in all seriousness, I am also scheduling another tour for the fall.

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Minor: Count your blessings every day, and never be afraid to speak your mind and live your truth because moments are all we have. Shooting $tars can be found on soon and iTunes, Spotify, etc. If you support this record, call it and request it on your local radio station, and come to a show and say hi to me, I love my fans dearly. Shoutout to Danny Brown, he is the coolest, nicest, wisest friend in the world. Shoutout to David Benjamin at UMG he is the coolest in the business.

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