Zombie Tramp #42 Review: Weaker Than Usual

Janey, the “Zombie Tramp,” has had to deal with a lot of crap in her undead lifetime. One of the biggest things is Madame George who Janey disposed of. Of course, things tend to come back to you in big ways as evidenced in “Zombie Tramp #42.”

Janey, along with her new “caretaker” Oscar, returns to Madame George’s abandoned brothel. The brothel turns out to be filled with zombies and a well that, according to Morning, will reveal all the greatest fears of any who enter it.

That’s essentially the entire issue. Of course, what Janey finds in the well is a lot more interesting than the issue itself. Essentially, this is nothing more than a setup to whatever will happen in what seems like a much more interesting Issue #43.

We do, however, learn a bit more about Oscar. In a strange way, his background fits this series perfectly and, in fact, is perfect for Janey. The characters in this series are awful people so it makes sense that Oscar is an awful person.

The art exhibits the overall “let’s rush this out” tome of the issue. It’s not up to the usual standards of this comic with the only interesting thing happening is Janey going down the well using her hair. That scene is the best looking out of anything in this issue. Of course, before going down the well, we see Janey do this awkward jump that’s supposed to look like her using her hair to grasp the well. Also, another awkward piece of art is one panel we see Janey looking at Oscar and Morning, the next she’s turned around.

“Zombie Tramp #42” is one of the weakest issues of the series which does nothing but set up what seems like a much stronger issue 43. Below average art and storytelling makes this one something you’d rather just read a plot synopses online somewhere while waiting for the next issues.

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