Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars Episode 11 Recap

It’s all about making a huge profit with some go-karts thrown in on a new episode of “Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars.” This episode also had one chef being surprisingly horrible.

The old saying “no rest for the weary” rings true in this episode. Ramsay called the chefs into the dining room that night. He told them that the next day they would be shopping for ingredients to make a pasta dish that is profitable. What that meant was each chef had $20 and ten minutes to shop for their ingredients. They would then cook a pasta dish; each judge would put a price tag on the dish and the team with the highest combined score wins. There was a similar challenge in “Season 10” where Dana won. Surprisingly, all chefs didn’t go over $20, even Benjamin who bought a lobster.

Two facepalm-inducing dishes were Michelle saying she wanted to make pot stickers and Elise saying she was making paella. None of those dishes are Italian. Ramsay even told them that.

The judges for this challenge were the owner of “Pizzeria Locale” Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson and co-owner of “Union” Bruce Kalman. The best dish was Michelle’s (97) and the worst was Milly’s (53.) The final score was Red: 320 and the Blue 313. It took the Red Team long enough to win a challenge. Seeing the Blue Team constantly winning was getting old.

Their reward was go-karts at “MB2 Raceway.” Also, Michelle’s dish was featured on that night’s menu. The entire was Dana and Elise vying for first with Elise winning after Dana wiped out. What a perfect way to win a go-kart race. Oh, and Jennifer was the one who’s too scared to go fast. We all know one of those people.

Meanwhile, the Blue spent the day cleaning the pantries. Not much went on here.

While both kitchens did awesome on appetizers, things, as usual, took a major turn on entrees.

In the Red, Dana had to refire two lobster Wellingtons because she burned FIVE of them. You read that number right, five lobster Wellingtons on Episode 11. You have to try to do something like that at this point. She would then undercook a lamb. At the last ticket, she overcooked and undercooked two more Wellingtons, causing the Red to get booted.

In the Blue, Robyn was a mess on the meat station. Not only did she speak over Ramsay to say her lamb needed two minutes (something Ramsay ripped her a new hole about,) but she also only put up one Wellington instead of two and one of them was raw. Later, she brought up two beef Wellingtons instead of one beef, one lobster. Ramsay had to take her into, yup, the pantry for a talk.

The Red nominated Dana and were split between Elise and Michelle with Dana getting eliminated.

Dana really dropped the ball here. She came off as a final four, but this episode proved that she just didn’t have what it takes to win “Hell’s Kitchen.” Speaking of finals, next episode is when the chefs compete for black jackets. Now that episode will be something amazing.

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