Nick Lamb ‘Getting High Off You’ Single Review: An Upbeat Start

“Getting High Off You” is Philadelphia native Nick Lamb’s new single, and straightforward rock affair off the appropriately titled, “Rock n Roll’s My Road.” “Gettin’ High Off You” begins abruptly, with Nick Lamb introducing the songs chorus and main motif within the first 10 seconds of the single. This motif continues throughout the duration of the song by way of a simple, and formulaic structure. Aside from a few frills and guitar licks during the chorus, the directness of the track is persistent throughout.

After the chorus, which seems to double as a verse, (“I’m getting high off of you/Ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t do for you”) there is a bridge, a guitar solo that mimics the main vocal melody, and then some repetition before concluding on a somewhat tawdry pentatonic solo. While Lamb doesn’t appear concerned with technicality or showiness, the blandness of the song structure leaves something to be desired in the form of experimentation. A simple deviation from the main melody or a bridge after the first solo might have served to the overall familiarity of the track.

Lamb’s vocal patterns are fairly basic as well, and he maintains an A-B rhyme scheme for the entirety of the track. His vocal performance and the metered phrasing of some of his more staccato lines give the track an almost pop-country vibe, complete with an affected, industry-standard voice crack in the chorus. Lamb’s vocal style lends itself to the every-man vibe of the song, with an attainable range that is suitable for sing-alongs during long car rides.

While the instrumentation comes in clearly throughout (the drums, in particular, are very natural sounding), the mixing and production value on this single feel very DIY, which serves to counteract the inherent brightness of the song in a beneficial way. With songs this upbeat, overly-slick mastering can detract from the final product by removing the human element. In this way, the production prevents “Getting High Off of You” from veering entirely into jingle territory. The final product calls to mind an image of Nick Lamb plugged into an interface on his laptop, recording music that is at the very least, honest.

“Getting High Off You” is a decent effort by Nick Lamb, and as a self-contained single, it works on some viable mainstream level. And while the basic song structures may leave the listener yearning for something a bit more left-of-center, this is, ultimately, the sort of song and sound that never seems to take itself too seriously. So while “Getting High Off You” probably won’t challenge the foundations of your musical palette, it just might get stuck in your head on a sunny day with no traffic.

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