Old School Gamer Magazine Exclusive: Inside ‘Kite’

Old School Gamer Magazine chats with Kite’s James Treneman (Solo Developer & Founder, Lab Cat Games), who details the game’s origin and outlines its goals. A unique dual-stick shooter experience, it’s definitely inspired by games of the past.

About Kite:

After the revolution, humanity’s combined efforts to meld cold robotics with nature have paid off. Earth has revitalized itself – and now the global utopia once thought impossible has become a reality. This biomechanical paradise has emerged thanks in no small part to a steady disarmament campaign.

Yet even in times of absolute peace, shadowy secrets lurk. Several weapon research facilities remain operational; hidden from the public eye, they’re kept alive as an ‘insurance policy’ against unforeseen threats. Within these clandestine halls, scientists work tirelessly to design powerful combat systems never before imagined by humankind. When a security breach threatens one of these secret facilities (Arch City), you’ll take control of the most advanced hardware ever developed – a Human-Operated Remote Droid prototype, or H.O.R.D. chassis.

As Mags – a well-equipped H.O.R.D. pilot – your mission is to preserve the blanket of peace surrounding the world. To do so, you’ll engage in the gunplay-ballet known as ‘kiting’ – dashing away from mobs of rebellious bots while blasting through lush, destructible environments.

Mastering the fast-paced combat style means the difference between being a survivor … and becoming scrap! With a variety of swarming enemies such as Charge Bots, Slice Bots, Bouncing Betties, Crab Bots, Hyper Turrets and Prox Mines in your way, surviving won’t be easy.

Utilize 100+ craftable weapons and items to enhance your battle Droid. Bring your combat capabilities to the next level by learning skills from a vast 76-point skill tree. Power up a slew of upgrades and special abilities – providing all the tools necessary to kite enemies into oblivion!

Old School Gamer Magazine: How was this game born?

James Treneman: Kite was born from an intense need to create that had been stifled for years. The first step was to finally take the plunge – and bet on myself for once! – by starting my own studio, Lab Cat Games, in 2014.

Many years ago – while brainstorming a different project – I realized that the most intense moments in many of my favorite games were those that put me right on the edge of getting away … or catching up to something. I wanted gameplay that could reproduce that. I knew that the term “kiting” (a sort of perpetual tactical retreat) was a good way to describe those moments; what if I tapped the “feels” we all get from playing retro games but delivered them in a modern package? Would I be able to deliver top-notch pixel art, a three-quarter view, and tons of depth … all by myself?

Since I could prototype the combat quickly, I had people checking the game out within two weeks  – which was super-encouraging and helped me fully commit to the project. However, it would soon be clear that game development is 99% polish.

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