Review Fix Exclusive: Inside ‘MeatPossible: Chapter 1.5’

Review Fix chats with Game Producer, Tan Qi Rong, who discusses his interested IP and how it’s so much more than a video game.

About the Game:

Featuring pixel-art old-school RPG visuals, MeatPossible: Chapter 1.5 depicts the tragical events taking place in the Kingdom of Epicton. Play as the knight captain Lunaya and fight against the Pigs and the Flies as you bring back peace to your land.

Review Fix: How was this game born?

Tan Qi Rong: It has always been one of my goals to make a game(s) out of my own creative IP, and that leads me to start Common Visual Entertainment. MeatPossible: Chapter 1.5 acts as a bridge to tell a side story between the main Chapter 1 and 2, allowing the players and readers themselves to experience the adventure.

Review Fix: What was development like?

Rong: We’ve been developing MeatPossible as a creative IP (including the first game) on and off for roughly a year and four months now, from pre to post production.

The game market is highly fragmented so marketing and attracting audiences is always a constant challenge. It’s important that we find our own style and identity to make a difference.

What we did was to establish a strong creative IP by designing a world with engaging storylines—and unforgettable characters that will work on any mediums.

From there, we made our first game revolving around the intellectual property.

Getting the right person to work on a certain specific task in the pipeline can prove to be demanding at times.

By now, we’ve gathered a pool of very talented freelancers (from Concept Artists, Sound Effects Designers to QA testers) that work well together and they come from all over the world.

Review Fix:
What makes this game special?

Rong: Unlike most mainstream Side-Scroller games, MeatPossible: Chapter 1.5 had a steeper starting learning curve that leaves it entirely to the player level of skill to figure out their way through the game.

Fast reflexes, comprehension, and timed precision will put the players to the extreme test.

You get to play as one of the Knight-Captain from Epicton Kingdom and your focus is to fend off the Flying Pigs and their partner Flies who are the cooks for the Pig Tribe.

Collecting chest of the same color gives you additional life throughout the game.

Every set of Pig Bosses have their own pattern and traits and as the player, you need to figure out what those are and defeat them.

The battles are intense and filled with an adrenaline rush as you even try to keep up.

The reward for defeating the final Boss… unlocks the cutscene that tells you what happens in between the main story.

Review Fix: What games influenced this one the most?

Rong: Flappy Bird, Jetpack Joyride, Candy Crush Saga and Dark Souls.

Review Fix:
Any fun stories or wild moments during development?

Rong: Some of our usual playtester(s) like to challenge us in a jokingly manner to complete our own game during the 1-on-1 interview. The developer clears the game with ease though after countless internal debugging rounds.

We tend to tone down the difficulty of the game after almost every playtesting session. 

Review Fix: Do you think preserving older gameplay mechanics in new games is important?

Rong: The basic components that make any games successful need to be adhered to. With each unique IP, a different strategy needs to be deployed ultimately. Coming up with quirky innovations to create a new playing experience is vital as well.

For example, the usual co-op multiplayer game(s) utilize equal numbers on both sides of the team while Evolve boldly pitched and went with the concept of 4 vs 1, an experience where you probably won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Review Fix: What’s your favorite memory as a gamer?

Rong: 40-man raiding in a LAN shop fully seated by all our guildmates after working hours. LAN shop ran by one of the guildofficers. One of the top 2 guilds on one of the most populated World of Warcraft server. Making sure everyone knows what they’re getting into and gathering right before the epic Boss fight.

Review Fix: Who will enjoy this game the most?

Rong: Anyone who enjoy challenges and losing your mind attempting the challenge. MeatPossible: Chapter 1.5 features an old school visual style which will bring back to memory the scent of classic gaming.

Review Fix: Bottom Line, why must someone play this game?

Rong: Because it is a game almost anyone can play and unravel what actually happens between the main story in MeatPossible.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Rong: We’ll be working on another unannounced game that’s still based on MeatPossible but totally unrelated to the current storyline. The game will be a standalone, making use of the characters and world design that already existed in the first place.

Depending on upcoming circumstances, we might do a DLC for MeatPossible: Chapter 1.5 too.

Furthermore, there’s definitely plans to release a brand new IP in the future.

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Review Fix:
Anything else you’d like to add?

Rong: Here’s the Prologue for the Main Story (Summarized)

There’s a Kingdom named Epicton Kingdom in MeatPossible and the citizens are starving because there are no food but only 2 Pigs left.

The King and his council of Nobles decided to spare the Pig’s lives so that the Pigs can breed in the long run for future food. HOWEVER, the Pigs mutated as time passes after the human left them to be. The Pigs became intelligent and they knew they had to wage a war against the human if they have to survive. These mutated Pigs have also gained the ability to fly now and they know there’s only a couple of Heroes in the Kingdom that can fly as well, so the flying Pigs have decided to take the fight to the sky!

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