Hell’s Kitchen: Rookies vs. Veterans Episode 3 Recap: More of the Same

It’s another chance for the vets to prove to these noobs that they are the better chefs in a new episode of “Hell’s Kitchen: Rookies vs. Veterans.” It’s too bad these chefs have giant egos.

This episode started with Ramsay telling the chefs that last night’s dinner service was not run smoothly. He said, “when a kitchen is running smoothly, it operates much like another profession.”  That profession is the US Marine Corps, and a bunch of Marines came out into the dining room to the “Marines’ Hymn.”

For this challenge, each team had to create dishes consisting of something from “land, air and sea” for the Marines. The team that finished first, won. That team was the rookies because of the many rookie mistakes made by the vets. That is something these chefs should not do.

Also, Brett used his “Punishment Pass “to join the rookies at “Paramount Ranch” where they filmed their very own movie. Terrible idea, Brett. There will be better rewards in future episodes. Also, the movie looked like a super cheesy b-grade western.

As for the vets, they had clean and prep calamari. Jen and Ariel had a huge argument over the Beurre Blanc about how it’s supposed to look.

This episode went by so quickly that it was already dinner service. This episode had one of the biggest freak-outs ever on this show.

In the Red, Motto stating with crunchy, salty rice. At entrees, Scotley was basically asking everyone how long and said three minutes so many times that Ramsay stepped in. One of these people Scotley was trying to “motivate” was Gizzy who sent up a dry halibut. Jose had to help her. Their woes continued when Kanae was behind on garnish. Despite that, they finished strong.

In the Blue, Jen completely lost it. She was arguing with Jocky about the garnish. She even said to Ramsay, “what did I do wrong now, chef?” You do not say that to the head chef. Ever. She was even short on suck garnish twice which caused her to accuse Ramsay of sabotaging her and she even threw a huge fit to the point where Ramsay had to throw her out. There goes Jen and for the better. The Blue finished strong without her.

Because Jen was thrown out, nobody had to be nominated.

There goes more dead weight. Jen really shouldn’t have lost her composure like that because Ramsay is the only reason she has her own restaurant and he even said she doesn’t need Ramsay because of her place. Besides that, this season is starting to be the weakest season. It all feels samey and whatever chefs are on here aren’t all that interesting.

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