These Savage Shores #1 Review: Great Art

A French Vampire in India. That’s a crazy idea if there ever was one. Comic Writer Ram V takes that idea sets it in the 18th century and created “These Savage Shores” with artists Sumit Kumar (illustrator) and Vittorio Astone (colorist.) The first issue sets up readers for a slow start.

In 1766, two centuries after the East Indian Company took over Calicut, Alain Pierrefont, a vampire who has been caught and badly weakened, sets sail with the company to Calicut. It is here that he is made cultural liaison and is tasked to befriend Prince Vikram of Zamorin as a way to increase trade along the silk road. What Pierrefont doesn’t know is that in this new land there are things that even he can’t handle.

The story is OK. The idea of a French vampire traveling to India is different, but so far not much has happened. Yes, the comic does a fine job of developing his character, but, except for the last few pages, he doesn’t do much. This is a slow start and Ram V is taking time to establish the world and character which for some comic readers is a bit too slow.

The best thing about this comic is the artwork. Notably, Astone’s use of colors to bring out the scene is quite striking. This is made more impressive when Kumar uses multiple panels to draw one scene which is done brilliantly. While that may come off as an industry no-no, you have to hand it to him that the effect is amazing. Every time this technique is done it is the best thing you will see in the comic.

“These Savage Shores” has an OK plot with some neat ideas but a slow start. The crown jewel of the comic is the art which takes a lot of risks that will impress many people even if the story is too slow paced for most.

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