NXT UK Coverage: Storm Has Arrived

The UK Division has been white hot since it aired its first episode in October. The talented and surprisingly young roster has given the WWE Universe their all, and it shows. This week, a stacked main event and exciting Woman’s Division action try to continue that trend.


Toni Storm vs. Dakota Kai: These two fan favorites locked horns in a competitive bout. Kai took the lead early with a penalty kick to Storm, but the 2018 Mae Young Classic winner wouldn’t stay down. The match would devolve into an all-out brawl until Storm would hit Storm Zero for the three count.

After the match, Jinny would jump Kai on the entrance ramp and claim NXT UK is hers.

Zack Gibson vs. Amir Jordan: Gibson is nuclear. The crowd loves to hate him. Liverpool’s Number One would dominate for most of the match, working Jordan’s arm. Jordan managed to get some offense in, but Gibson cut him down quickly. After landing Helter Skelter, Gibson put Jordan in Shankly Gates, forcing him to tap out immediately.

Post-match Gibson would cut a promo to a chorus of boos, voicing his intention to win the NXT UK Championship until Trent Seven’s music hit. The British Strong Style member challenged Gibson to a match, but the 2018 UK Championship Tournament winner declined.

Kenny Williams vs. Jordan Devlin: Devlin landed a Uranagi into a Standing Moonsault to take control early. Williams retaliated with some offense of his own, hitting a picturesque Suicide Dive. The Irish wrestler answered back with a Fireman’s Carry-Sidewalk Slam for the win in a match that ended too quickly.

Mark Andrews, Ashton Smith, and Flash Morgan Webster vs. The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang: Webster and Wolfgang started things off in this Six-Man Tag. The heels would control things early with frequent tags dominating the babyfaces. The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang punished anyone who dared step into their ring, beating down all three members of the opposing team. Andrews managed to counter a Suplex with Stun-Dog Millionaire and tag in Webster who came out swinging. Eventually, after taking an epic beating, Webster would stay down for three, giving Wolfgang and the Coffey Brothers the victory.

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