2018 NXT UK Power Rankings: Mosh Pit Kid Rules

NXT UK has taken the WWE Network by storm since the premiere episode in October. Every week the UK Developmental brand has provided top-notch wrestling content. Despite only existing for three months, the fledgling federation has made massive waves thanks to WWE’s policy of sweeping the indies for the best and brightest. With NXT TakeOver: Blackpool just two weeks away on January 12th, there has never been a more critical time for the Superstars across the pond to distinguish themselves amongst the herd. So here is Reviewfix’s Top Ten NXT UK Superstars for 2018. 

10: Jordan Devlin: Devlin has already had one crack at the belt, and what a match that was. The Irish native has built himself as a serious contender, with his only singles loss in NXT UK handed to him by the champ himself. Devlin has come a long way since the first UK Championship Tournament. His quest to turn NXT UK into NXT Ireland will most certainly continue to provide some fantastic matches along the way. 

9: Ligero: The Luchadore from Leeds has been one of, if not the most consistent performer in NXT UK. He’s the mid-card workhorse of the brand, and damn does he work. His matches are always entertaining. The crowd loves him. He’s the small guy that everyone loves to get behind. If there is ever a mid-card belt in NXT UK, he is sure to be the gatekeeper. 

8: “Bomber” Dave Mastiff: Mastiff is one of the most imposing figures in all of NXT UK. Despite weighing over 300 pounds, the guy moves like a middle-weight. His Cannonball finisher, Into the Void, is devastating. It all but guarantees Bomber the victory once he hits hit. The Black Country native also has a certain “friendly monster” attitude that will serve him well in his ultra-competitive division. 

7: Travis Banks: Banks has only been on NXT UK for a few weeks after returning from injury but immediately inserted himself into a high-profile feud with Gallus. The Kiwi Buzzsaw is excellent. He has an air of legitimacy about him that you can’t teach. Banks is a badass, and anyone who challenges him is going to leave with more than a few bumps and bruises.

6: Toni Storm: The winner of the 2018 Mae Young Classic is impressive. Her ensuing rematch with Rhea Ripley for the NXT UK Women’s Championship at TakeOver: Blackpool is going to tear the house down. She can Suplex with the best of ‘em, and her finisher, Storm Zero is perfect for her. Even though she couldn’t become the inaugural UK Women’s Champ, she is definitely going to see gold in WWE. 

5: Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, and Wolfgang): The premiere monster heel stable has already made waves in NXT UK. Gallus has been on a rampage since forming a few months ago, and the three Glaswegians don’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

4: Zack Gibson: “If you hate Gibson, shoes off!” has to be the most absurd chant in all of wrestling. Liverpool’s Number One is an absolute master of crowd manipulation. He’s the kind of wrestler you love to hate. He’s no slouch in-ring either. The winner of last year’s UK Championship Tournament nearly forced Pete Dunne to tap to Shankly Gates. Gibson is most certainly going to see gold eventually. And when he does, the entire house will have bare feet. 

3: Mustache Mountain: Tyler Bate is a prodigy, and Trent Seven is the guy who taught him how to wrestle. This mustachioed tag team has the undying support of the crowd, and their feud with Undisputed Era over the NXT Tag Team Titles was nothing short of incredible. At TakeOver Blackpool the first UK Tag Team Champions will be crowned, and it’s almost certain that these two will take home the belts.

2: Pete Dunne: Pete Dunne is only 25. He made his professional wrestling debut at 14 in 2017. With over a decade in the business, the Bruiserweight is well beyond his years. He’s held the UK Championship for 586 days according to WWE.com as of 12/28/2018. That’s the longest reign in WWE history. The only thing preventing him from claiming the top spot is his lack of appearances on the show. 

1: Rhea Ripley: Who can stop the Mosh Pit Kid? Ripley has been on a warpath since she became the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Championship. If anyone can be the face of this brand, it’s her. And she’s not even from Europe, let alone the United Kingdom. In a stacked Women’s Division with the likes of Dakota Kai, Toni Storm, Xia Brookside, and Jinny, Ripley has stood out as being the most dominant figure in all of NXT UK. 

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