AV Super Sunshine: Candyland Remixes Volume 1 Review A Funky Identity

AV Super Sunshine Candyland Remixes Volume 1 aims to bring a funky 70’s aesthetic into the modern era. A collection of remixed singles and other tracks from the artist, Candyland Remixes Volume 1 offers two versions of each track and three mixes of the track Alien Abduction. The presentation of the album puts the Radio Mixes in front of the Club Mixes, with the ladder setting the tone for the former to take a new spin on things. The radio tracks definitely convey the groovy 70’s flower power aesthetic in spades, but it’s the club remixes of the tracks that may lack their own flavor.

The radio mixes prove to be the true meat of the album. It kicks off with Time Bomb, poppy and sunny track with trippy electro synths weaved throughout the mix. The whimsical feel of the song is complemented by the dynamic and hard vocals that invoke a Modest Mouse aesthetic. This brings the song together as the softer beats and tambourines give the song an ear-catching pulse. Another notable radio mix is Orange, a very sensual and hypnotic beat that will make you nod your head to the groove. The entrancing nature of the beat is offset by a piano undertone that gives the song just the right flair of personality. Lyrics such as “a sticky sweetness from your lips onto your chin” are meltingly satisfying against the sensual beats. Each of these radio mixes brings its own unique flavor to the table and makes the album feel alive. It sets the stage for the club mixes that follow to bring you into a new world of ecstasy.

Unfortunately, this is never the case. The club mixes of these tracks seem to be afraid to stray too from the classic ’70s dance aesthetic, which serves to work against them. The remix of Are You Happy begins with a promise of independent identity but ends up becoming the same song with a bit of a deeper synth beat behind it. Time Bomb goes from a dance anthem to a song that proves to be more ambient in its aesthetic than anything else. The buildups on these mixes also offer incredibly weak drops which serve to only make one question these club mixes rather than dance to them. The exceptions are the remixes of Alien Abduction, both of which offer their own unique aesthetic which shine above the other remixes on the album.

Candyland Remixes Volume 1 proves to be a testament to AV Super Sunshines’ love of 70’s aesthetic above anything else. Each track carries with it the soul of a funky and groovy beat with the “Interview Mix” of Alien Abduction bringing forth a full-on Disco vibe to complete the cycle. It is unfortunate that the club is mixes where the album falls short. Each of these club mixes seems conflicted between embracing the club aesthetic or keeping the flower power 70’s feel instead of attempting to combine the two. While not a bad first listen, one may find themselves skipping more than one of these tracks on your second.

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