Hell’s Kitchen: Rookies VS Veterans Episode 11 Recap

It may be dessert time in “Hell’s Kitchen,” but these chefs prove once again there is nothing sweet about them in an all-new episode. What’s with all this burnt meat? This episode started with the chefs being greeted by US figure skating champions Karolina Calhoun and Collin Brubaker. This was to introduce the dessert challenge. The major thing about this challenge was that both Mia and Kanae made a deconstructed dessert. Guest judge, expert chocolatier Valerie Gordon, was not impressed with either of them. Even with Motto getting seven points for the Red, both Bret and Trev each got two points, the Blue won again 14-11. There has to be something cursed about the Red Team because this team is horrible at challenges no matter the season.    

While the Blue had a shopping spree at “Sur La Table,” the Red had to cut up ice blocks into cubes. Not that much interesting happened in these sections, (which is now a theme with this season) but things picked up at dinner service. For this dinner service once again, each team had chefs’ tables. The Blue had actor Randall Park and the Red had NFL star, Malcolm Smith. Both teams killed on apps, but it was on entrees when things got serious.    

In the Red, the Red was completely ignoring Trev. They did start communicating, but Trev ended up undercooking a Wellington. The test Wellington was better than that one. That’s saying a lot about how far Trev has fallen. His woes on meat continued when he forgot to put on the crust for the lamb, using the excuse that he never made the lamb. He’s just making excuses now. He would then overcook a lamb, forcing Ramsay to talk to the Red Team in the cupboard. One undercooked salmon and a botched slicing job on a Wellington forced Ramsay to kick out the Red.      

In the Blue, Heather had trouble cooking NY strips. They were thick as hell, making cooking them hard. She overcooked two of them. She did redeem herself, though. Later, Kanae undercooked two salmon. She even opened them up to check them, which Heather called her out on and Ramsay had to cook them for her. That’s an embarrassment if Ramsay has to cook for a “Hell’s Kitchen” chef.       

The Red nominated Trev and Bret with Trev getting the ax. It was only a matter of time before Trev was eliminated. He was sinking by the episode and his ego got in the way. It’s becoming more apparent by the episode that a rookie either Mia, Motto or Kanae will win. Since next week is when these chefs compete for a Black Jacket, it’ll become clearer.

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