Capitol Wrestling Coverage: Roni’s Time

On the latest episode of Capitol Wrestling on FiteTV, there was a battle for supremacy. In an unorthodox war-games five against five style match, Capitol put on a solid show. If Team Capitol lost they would all be fired, but if they won then whoever scored the pinfall would get a title match opportunity. Though a bit chaotic, the fast pace and a few solid spots, made the 30-minute program entertaining enough to sit through.

World War IV Match: Team Capitol: Ron Star, Sonny Kiss, Chuck Payne, Roni Nicole, and Paul Jordane vs.  Team Entertainment: Eric Martin, Stephon Smith, Bobby Orlando and Ariela Nyx: Before the match began, Ron Star was attacked by Hot Boys International. After a short in-ring promo by KC Navarro, Hot Boys International called out Sonny Kiss to start the match, instead of Star who was knocked out ringside. Kiss squared off with Bobby Orland of Hot Boys International for a quick exchange in which Kiss got the upper hand. Right after the exchange, the next entrant was Eric Martin of the Hot Boys who was already ringside the whole time. Shortly after in chaotic fashion each competitor enters one by one until the last competitor to officially start the match. Stephon Smith entered with the Perfect Strangers (Andros and Marcus Marquee) as hired protection turning this match into a seven vs five. 

The last entrant was the Meadowlands Monster, who came in to clean house and exited after a few big boots and a chokeslam to the Perfect Strangers. It was entertaining to see the seven-foot ’90s Undertaker body frame beast wreck shop, but it was confusing because he laid out his own teammate’s bodyguards. After spending most of the match on the outside, Star eventually woke up from his medically induced ringside coma and cleared the ring with a few Bionic elbows. Once the ring was empty Roni Nicole took advantage of a staggering Smith by hitting him with a kick to the gut and a big splash from the corner middle rope for the pinfall. Nicole’s victory saved Team Capitol’s jobs and earned her a title shot for the Women’s title held by Nyx. 

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