Review Fix Exclusive: Jess McAvoy Talks ‘Do What You Want’ And More

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Jess McAvoy, who discusses the creative process Behind Her New Single, “Do What You Want.” Detailing her influences and creative process as well, McAvoy lets us know what makes her a unique performer.

About ‘Do What You Want’:

With the pressure of friends, peers and customs, relationships tend to be taken very seriously. Many people end up being in a relationship that is either stagnant, or worse yet, toxic. It’s rare to find two people in a relationship, just for the enjoyment of each other’s company. That’s what â€œDo What You Want” is all about.

Taken from recent personal experience, the song’s inspiration came about when Jess’ friends were all up in arms with the simplicity of her relationship, urging that Jess be more serious to the matter of dating. When in reality, all that Jess wanted was just to be in the moment and enjoy the beauty of dating, no matter where it may lead. With love, relationships and dating, Jess McAvoy’s outlook is very much towards the idea that good things happen when we all feel good. So, from a law of attraction standpoint, it’s important to move towards the things that make us all feel the most like ourselves, even if it’s not meant to last forever.

Review Fix: How was “Do What You Want” written?

Jess McAvoy: It was originally written as a bit of a joke. I was a bit fed up with the situation my lover was in- her friends were being bitches and I spat most of the song out in an afternoon. But it gained traction every time I played it live and so I started taking it more seriously. 

Review Fix: What makes it special to you?

McAvoy: As a live song, it’s so much fun. It’s easy for people to sing along to so I love it in that context. It’s a little cheeky too, which I think shows off my personality better than some of my more serious compositions. The message of it makes it pretty special too. Do what you want, cause it feels good, and it’s all so short? I mean- that’s a life motto if I’ve ever penned one. 

Review Fix: What makes it a Valentine’s Day-worthy track?

McAvoy: I think the vague idea behind Valentine’s Day is one of sharing pleasure. This song is all about that- being present enough with someone to be able to co-author a pleasurable experience.

Review Fix: What makes you different?

McAvoy: Different from other songwriters? I’m not sure. I think I have a similar mission to a lot of songwriters, I want to help people feel empowered and connected. I’m perhaps different in my approach and my blatant honesty on stage, my Australian and Dutch heritage gives me a bit of an edge in some rooms in New York- but I live in New York, and there, our differences tend to bring us closer together. 

Review Fix: What was your best Valentine’s Day experience?

McAvoy: These days every day gets better and better, so I’m guessing this year will be the best one. I think loving myself and my life will be the celebration for this year, as I try to make every day.

Review Fix: What are your goals for 2019?

McAvoy: Loads of songs. I’m planning on recording an album at the end of the year with my incredible band. Part of that goal is to write 100 songs in a year, so I can stretch as a songwriter. I just want to keep getting better and stronger, and this year is giving me the space and energy to do that. 

Review Fix: How does “Do What You Want” help make those goals accomplished ones?

McAvoy: It’s incredibly encouraging to have a song in my repertoire that inspires and brings joy to so many people. To have it in my arsenal knowing that it’s a favorite reminds me that I’m doing something that I’m good at, and that I can make more that will create that experience for people.

Review Fix: What’s next?

McAvoy: Next is a few showcase gigs in LA at the end of February, and shows in New York and beyond. I love the band that I’m working with. Super excited to keep collaborating with them.

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

McAvoy: The video was shot in the subways of New York City, which is an aspect of the city that I deeply enjoy. It’s a great kaleidoscope if experiences that happens literally underground. I’m so proud to live in New York and I’m grateful that I have a platform with which I get to showcase my love of the city. I’m also stoked that I get to collaborate with David Moriya on this and other videos. 

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