Hell’s Kitchen: Rookies VS Veterans Season Finale Recap

It’s the special two-hour season finale of “Hell’s Kitchen: Rookies VS Veterans” and the final two have to prove that they have what it takes to be a head chef in Las Vegas. Get the champagne out because this could be a big one. Hour one started right where the previous left off with Ramsay announcing the second chef who’s going to the final. That chef was Mia, eliminating Bret. Bret could’ve won this season if he didn’t mess up so many times in the end. Mia and Ariel in the final is pretty obvious if Motto didn’t eliminate himself. Also, the New York Post spoiled the final two a few days before the episode aired. Thanks a lot, NY Post. Anyway, both chefs had to spend the night coming up with their courses for the final with Mia having Jockey help her and Ariel having Christina helping. The next day, Ramsay had a huge surprise for both chefs: Their families have come to see them. After that, it was brunch at “Republique” and a day at “Six Flags Magic Mountain Hurricane Harbor.” Later that night, the chefs had the chance to “experience a new ride” called “Full Throttle.” Obviously, this was a segue into the final challenge where each chef had to prepare a cold app, hot app, seafood entrée, chicken entrée and steak entrée. To judge the dishes, in order of appearance, were co-owner of “Border Grill” Mary Sue Milliken, owner of “RM Seafood” Rick Moonen, owner of “Melise” Josiah Citrin, owner of “Burger Bar” and “Fleur” Hubert Keller and co-owner of “Providence” Michael Cimarusti. Mia and Ariel went back in forth between getting 8s and 9s with them tying 34-34 and Mia winning the tie-breaker. As with any season of “Hell’s Kitchen,” some chefs who were eliminated returned to be on the teams of the finalists. Mia chose Roe, Trev, Jose, and Heather. Ariel chose Kanae, Bret, Motto and Scotley. In hour two, both finalists were explaining their menus to their chefs. Both chefs decided to go Latin-inspired with Ariel saying her food had a hint of Asian. They do say a successful chef cooks what they’ve grown up with. If you were expecting two perfect kitchens, these chefs proved why they got eliminated in the first place. To up the ante, both kitchens had chefs’ tables. Mia had comedian JB Smoove and Ariel had former prosecutor and best-selling author Marcia Clark. In Mia’s kitchen, Trev started with under seasoning the risotto. Later, Roe undercooked four pork medallions and then overcooked two seas bass. In Ariel’s kitchen, Scotley started with burning dumplings. Later, Scotley charred three rib caps and Bret undercooked a Wagyu steak. That’s a $110 a pound steak he undercooked. Bret would then burn the skin on a chicken and even serve the next one raw. How did Bret fall so low? After service came the long wait for Ramsay to make a decision. He even entered the dorms and saw for the first time a mural that had him on it which caused him to say, “I’m not one for apologizing, but I am sorry about that *BLEEP* mess up there!” With that, it was time for Mia and Ariel to go to his office and do the hand on the doors thing to see who won. Ariel’s door opened up this season. As stated, plenty of times, if Motto didn’t eliminate himself, he would’ve won. Mia was a tough competitor, but Ariel proved that she was the better chef. Deciding who would win this finale was a tough one. As for the season as a whole, it was another mediocre season that had a nice premise that was shelved way too early. That made what was supposed to be a different kind of season into just another season. Not much drama, the challenges were underwhelming and the chefs were OK at best.
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