Different Types of IO Games: 5 Examples of Successful Games

The world of IO games is huge, so it is difficult to select only five amazing games. However, if we measure their impact by the number of players and popularity, you can easily see the ones situated at the top.

While most IO games feature similar actions and require the same skills, they are quite different and interesting. So, even though we’re going to discuss the top 5 most successful games, you should try and find the ones that fit your needs for entertainment the best.

#1: Agar.io

If you know anything about IO games, then you must be familiar with Agar.io! The game is wildly popular among players all over the world, and is, in our opinion, the most famous in the IO family.

The game was created by a young Brazilian developer and was released to the public in April 2015. Since then, its mechanics have been replicated and used in a wide range of other games, and the original version is now improved and readily available as a massive multiplayer online game.

Overall, Agar.io is a game of survive and conquer, where you need to engulf the smaller cells and stay away from viruses and bigger cells. The main purpose is to become the biggest, but this is difficult to achieve with so many players looking to get you down!

#2: Slither.io

The snake game was one of the first ever created, and it was made popular by Nokia, the phone company who implemented and developed the game on all their phones. Nowadays, it’s easy to find all sorts of versions of the game, but in the IO world,Slitherio is the most successful.

Unlike the old phone version, in Slither.io you can also consume other players, not just pellets. Of course, you also have to keep watch on other players who might want a taste of you.

#3: Diep.io

The IO world was enriched when the developer of Agar.io released Diep.io. While the principle is the same (conquer and survive), this time players use tanks to shoot their enemies and eat blocks to grow.

Just like with Agar, the game is an online multiplayer, but there is an added thrill factor. As you grow and earn XP, your tank will grow with you (by unlocking new classes, abilities, and weapons).  With Diep.io, you have the opportunity to choose in between missiles, rapid-fire machine guns, and other cool weapons!

#4: Flaap.io

If you went through the Flappy Bird craziness and liked it, you’ll definitely love the Flaap.io game! The story is the same – you have to guide a bird towards the end of the game while struggling to keep it airborne and avoiding obstacles that come as if from nowhere.

The added thrill factor is that you’re not alone in this struggle! You get to see (and laugh at) other players who try and fail. However, you should be careful: the game can be highly addictive!

#5: Massivematch.io

For the Bejeweled and Candy Crush players amongst you, Massivematch.io offers a similar version, only at a larger scale. As in the aforementioned games, you have to match three things together in order to eliminate them. However, the things change with each level and so does the goal, so you need to pay attention to keep up.

Furthermore, this is a multiplayer online game, so you have the opportunity to collaborate with other players. Of course, there’s also the option to be sneaky and hinder their progress as you move along. But you should be careful – once it gets out that you’re not helpful, things may not be so easy!

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