NXT UK Coverage: Enter Walter

Last week, WALTER impressively made his debut. So impressive that his opponent, Jack Starz took to Twitter and said he’s never been hit like that before in his entire life. This week WALTER sets his sights on Mark Coffey in the main event.

Mark Andrews vs. Ligero:  
This was a competitive babyface vs. babyface match-up. After a hard-fought battle, Ligero put Andrews down with the C4L. 

Xia Brookside vs. Candy Floss:  The second-generation wrestler proved her technical aptitude by controlling her opponent with a wristlock for most of the match. Brookside hit the Brooksie Bomb for the one-two-three. 
After the match, Rhea Ripley jumped Brookside and locked her in a Clover Leaf, but Toni Storm made the run in. Unfortunately, she ate a Riptide for her troubles. 

“Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman vs. Joseph Conners: Stiff shots were aplenty in this contest. Hitchman’s unorthodox style proved to be a serious challenge for Conners, but he was eventually able to find an opening and hit Don’t Look Down to pick up the win. 

Ashton Smith vs. Joe Coffey:  Coffey needs this win after suffering a defeat at the hands of the Brusierweight in Blackpool. Though Smith had the height advantage, the Gallus member was able to overpower him for most of the match. Smith started to fire up until Coffey cut him down with a Discus Lariat. 

Mark Coffey vs. WALTER:  WALTER seemed determined to cave in Coffey’s chest judging by the thunderous sound of every blow. Coffey managed to stun his opponent momentarily but ran into a Drop Kick followed up by a Powerbomb and a cover to give WALTER his second victory in NXT UK.

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