NXT UK Coverage: Walter The Lead Dog

This week’s episode of NXT UK is bound to be an exciting one. After all, we have the in-ring debut of the black and yellow brand across the pond’s newest signee, Kay Lee Ray. In the main event, the Austrian Anomaly, Walter, teams up with United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne to take on the Coffey Brothers. 


“Flash” Morgan Webster vs. Wolfgang:
The Modfather put up a hell of a fight, but Wolfy’s imposing size and strength were too much for Webster to overcome.

Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams vs. Saxon Huxley and Tyson T-Bone: A Swanton Bomb from Jordan onto the Musclecat gave the babyfaces the win in a somewhat sloppy but fun match.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Candy Floss: Ray made short work of Candy Floss with a Widow’s Peak Facebuster.

Walter and Pete Dunne vs. The Coffey Brothers: Walter is in prime position to take Dunne’s title after his showing in this bout. The match was a game of horse between the Austrian and the Brusierweight. The Coffey Brothers hit plenty of offense, but Walter ended the affair with a Powerbomb onto Mark Coffey.

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