Finding September – Debut EP Review: A Bloodstained Love-Letter

Rock and Roll was on top of the world during the late ’90s through the mid-2010s and as you could imagine, it was all out war. Nu Metal, Emo, Pop/Punk, Classic Rock-inspired and much more laid waste to each other during this time. The elements that comprised this chaotic time were widely varied for such a large amount of rock and roll groups and versatility was needed to stay relevant.

Finding September is the result of clear inspiration and love for this time, as their debut EP not only captures the sound of the era perfectly but pushes it into the modern age.

From the get-go, The EP makes no qualms with its aesthetic. Summer Club has the instrumental feel of a song such as The Starting Line’s “Best of Me” but made for the modern era. The vocal performance is reminiscent of early Paramore in the “All We Know is Falling” era, but should not be confused as vocalist Emily Bayardo’s voice is one that is eclectic but all her own. The track sets the stage for the rest of the EP and is one of the stand-out tracks here. Another stand-out track is History, which is a love letter to the genre and era the band takes inspiration from. The mid-2000’s/early 2010’s California Emo sound is in full force here, and works very well to push the tale heartbreak and torment. It deserves a listen to understand why the vocalist says “I never really loved this story.” The track is also a very important one for the EP.

It shows that Finding September cares enough about their Alt/rock or pop/punk vintage aesthetic to use it as a strength rather than as a gimmick. The last track that will make you stop in your tracks is also the last one on the EP. Let It Burn is a track that kills it as an outro track. Listening to the EP up until this point gives a solid sense of the understanding of the pop/punk, emo and alt-rock influences the band uses in its music. Let It Burn shows you another side of the same era, as this track has a much heavier and far more industrial or metal aesthetic. Mixing the feel of Angelspit and Nightwish, Let It Burn is a sinister and thrilling track that solidifies the bands’ own studied aesthetic and versatility across this rock era. “Did you fall from heaven? You should have died.” Proclaims vocalist Bayardo, as the track leads out with a lighter feel that is nothing short of inspired with the reverb-laced guitar solo.

Finding September is a true delight to the ears of anyone who grew up with rock from the end of the ’90s to the mid-2010s. Each track will have you thinking of something from the golden age of Pop/Punk and Alt rock. One will no doubt also get the same breath of fresh air they felt the first time they found that next band to follow. The influences the band uses to craft their sound can be heard from the first listen and even more so on subsequent ones.

Like the aesthetic of the rock the band personifies the EP has the feel of a love letter written in the most brutal and chaotic way possible, which is exactly how it should be. The proven understanding of what inspires the band is profound and delightful.

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