Too Much Saturn: Blame Game Single Review: Sunny, Kickin’ Beats

Too Much Saturn wants to make your head bob with their new single, Blame Game. A track that shows off the raw talent of the group, Blame Game is definitely a song that will warrant a few good listens. With its bright, sunny attitude and good composition, the track will make a great first impression. Though it may be hard-pressed to become a mainstay in your music library.

Blame Game is a track that wants to show off. The instrumentals are great and play off of each other with bright synergy. The guitar work in the track is of note, as the rhythm is kept more so by the tambourine and the keyboards. This fact allows the percussion a bit more freedom and the guitar to wail and groove along with a bit of whimsy. It’s awesome to hear the deviations of these two instruments when they happen, as it gives the track more personality. The breakdown especially pulls no punches as the guitar and drums make a definitive mark on the track.

Lyrically, the track is a bit generic. Blame Game is a track that wishes to avoid its namesake at all costs. Going so far as to call out those who are “caught in a beautiful white lie.” The lyrics also give off a much more in-your-face attitude, but the vocal performance does not mirror this sentiment. The vocals, however, are much more inspired to the ears, as the smooth voices of Chris Cerasoli and Mark Hoffman compliment each other well. On your first listen, you will no doubt want to again.

Even with these qualities, this track does not lend itself to repeat listens. The generic lyrics and an over 4-minute run time make the track feel like an investment as opposed to leisure. It may take a few listens, but this song has the opposite effect of one that grows on you. Though this speaks nothing to the excellent composition and vocal performances which will make you yearn for more from the band.

Too Much Saturn has a fun track with a good feel in Blame Game. While not the most inspired track lyrically, the band puts their skills with their instruments and vocals front and center here. These skills cannot be denied and will no doubt make you look to the future of the band.

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