Review Fix Exclusive: Inside “Anna (Kidnapper)”

Review Fix chats with director, producer and screenwriter Kaichi Sato, who discusses his inspiration for the film and what he’d like viewers to take away from it.


196X. Anna, an enigmatic and attractive professional kidnapper, abducts The Professor during his wedding ceremony on request from one of the latter’s former girlfriend. This woman, whose face Anna has never seen, wishes to die with The Professor before he marries. Leaving the church with The Professor on the back seat of her motor-bike, Anna starts on the journey to the fictional city of ‘Alpha Paris’. ‘Anna’ is a tribute and homage to old movies of the 60s, an ideally highly effective sophisticated cartoon with trendy visual effects. 

Review Fix: What is the inspiration for your film?

Kaichi Sato: 60s films and actresses and the music of Serge Gensbourg.

Review Fix: What were the most challenging parts of production?

Sato: 60s films are fascinating, but there are also many elements that feel old, such as gender issues. However, if those are taken away, the sense of the time and the retro feeling will be lost. I wondered how to keep those aspects in my contemporary film when I was writing the script. So, those modifications were a big challenge for me.

Review Fix: Describe your set, the tone, they way it runs. Who is the unsung hero of the production? What did you learn about yourself?

Sato: The work of Japanese illustrator Akira Ebihara who was in charge of the character design was wonderful. Her sense of color determined the overall color of this film. Although it was a tribute, it was exciting that Ebihara captured and visualized my image in this original work.

Review Fix: How do you want the film to be remembered and what is your ultimate goal for it?

Sato: People who have experienced the films and culture of the 60’s think they know what they are going to see and get drunk on nostalgia and novelty. I would be happy if it becomes an introduction for young people who do not know that culture

Review Fix: Who is your targeted audience?

Sato: The content is retro, so I would like to share with people who have experienced the 60s in real time, people who already know that 60s culture. However, I would like to appeal to the younger generation and guide them to the 60s.

Review Fix: Describe your festival experience, what did you learn about your film, about festivals?

Sato: Unfortunately I was not able to participate in the film festival this time, but I got an impression that the selected works are unique and also high quality. I am very honored to be added to these works.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Sato: I am currently working on a short animation that will be broadcast in the United States. It is totally different from this work, so it may not be expected that it is a work of the same person.

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