Top Movies On Baccarat That You Need To Watch Right Now

Baccarat is one of the most popular card games in the world and is very prevalent within the gambling community. Due to its popularity, it has gotten its way into pop culture and has been featured in multiple movies. From the 60s to the 90s, Baccarat has played a central role in several Blockbuster movies including the famous James Bond movies. Even popular actors try their hands on the game once in a while and can be spotted in numerous casinos all over the world during their leisure times. Although it might not be possible for you to go visit a Baccarat casino right away, you can calm down your heart’s desires by watching one of these three awesome Baccarat movies that our experts have listed for you. Check these out.

Agent 007: Casino Royale

The author of the James Bond character, Ian Fleming was a passionate gambler and loved the game of Baccarat. After spending a considerable amount of time playing at local casinos, he got his inspiration for future spy movies from the local players. Later, that inspiration went on to create one of the most influential movie characters in Hollywood’s history. Usually, James Bond loves playing two casino games in particular –  Baccarat and Roulette. He has been seen playing Baccarat in several of his movies like GoldenEye, Thunderball, For Your Eyes Only and in the film of 1958 Dr. No. If you check the original book Agent 007 and the 1967s version of Casino Royale, you will find that he loved to play Baccarat mostly. In the 2006 version of the novel, 007 was again spotted playing Poker (as it was popular during that time period).

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Rush Hour 3

Do you know that Jackie Chan is an avid fan of Baccarat game? Well, the movie star cum stuntman is known to play at renowned casinos all over the world. Jackie Chan, known for his dangerous tricks in movies might have taken up his passion for Baccarat from the movie Rush Rock III. In this popular Rush Hour comedy movie, Chan plays together with Chris Rock where both of them act as policemen. In the third act of the movie, the character of Chris Rock comes on screen and sits down at a Baccarat table. To impress a stunning lady, he decides to play cards. But the catch was that he did not know how to play Baccarat. When the dealer deals the cards, Chris Rock manages to get hold of three kings. After getting the combination, he assumes that he has won but in reality, he got the worst possible card combination and loses. The movie scene takes place in France and hence he was playing a version of Chemin de Fer.

A Hard Day’s Night

This 60s movie gave Baccarat a prominent place in the story and featured the legendary boy band, The Beatles. The movie describes the game in a lot of detail and features the Beatles who have come from their native Liverpool to perform at a concert in London. The movie is based on a different problem that the band had to face and ultimately overcome them to successfully complete the concert.  The game of Baccarat is inserted into the story through a member’s grandfather who had a weakness for Baccarat. Being a rookie in the game, the old man is so inexperienced that he doesn’t even know the difference between Bingo and Banco. After downing a number of drinks, he goes on to play hand after hand. He loses all the money to the after winning a consider=abke amount of money without having prior basic knowledge about the game. The movie is a great starter for people who want a classic Baccarat movie and is very funny to watch when the old man jumbles up the card game terms.

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