Top 10 Casino Games Of All Time – Best Odds

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If you are a beginner to casino gaming, then you’re in the right place! All over the world, people play casino games all the time. But, you need to know which games have the best chances of winning before heading over to a regular or online casino. Our experts are here to help you with the game list which will give you an edge over the other games. Check it out!


The devil’s wheel has been spinning for over 200 years, and it’s still drawing a crowd. The game involves players having to bet which of the 38 numbers on the spinning wheel a ball will land on when it comes to a stop. The game has some minor betting strategy, but the real draw is, paradoxically, the lack of strategy, not knowing where each spin will take you. It’s gripping gambling and it’s clearly working. The American variant has some of the lowest odds with a house edge of about 5.6 % which is pretty good for a game with a wheel and a rolling ball. Then there is the European variant – this version of roulette is better to play than American roulette because there is one less 0 spot to place a bet. That seemingly tiny difference of one less green square gives the game a house edge of 2.7%.

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Let it ride

This is based after Poker and uses three bets to three cards by the dealer. There are different strategies for pulling back your bet or letting it ride. Note that the player is paid on a five-card hand and not on the dealer’s hand. It is both played online and in real life in casinos, so you have your choice. The house edge on this game sits at 3.5%.

Tri Card Poker

Also known as three-card poker, this is another easy gambling card game. The rules are simple – if you’re dealt a three-card poker hand better than your card dealer, you are the winner. It also has a house edge of 3.4%.


Blackjack is a popular game for all players. Regardless if they are an expert or a beginner, it is a very simple card game and has some of the highest winning chances of all the casino games if played correctly with an edge of just 0.8%! The main aim of the game is to reach a total hand of 21 without getting over it.

Paigow Poker

This is a table that requires some strategy In order to win, so you will have to do a lot of thinking. while you play if you are clever, the chances of the house winning are just 2.5 %.


The nice thing about craps is that you can get Lady Luck on your side a lot. There are some excellent chances of winning if you practice it enough. You will probably find that you make better money than you lose when playing a game! Many people love this game for that reason. Additionally, it’s house edge matches that in blackjack at 0.8 %!


When it comes to the classic casino image, Texas Hold ‘Em is the epitome. It’s one of the few casino games where it’s you vs other players. Using deception and tactical betting, players can outdo each other even if they don’t have the cards necessary to win. It’s a great game where the way you conduct yourself is as important as the cards in your hand.

Five times off craps

This game must have the lowest house edge in history! This mode of play allows you to put in more wages in addition to the bets that are already there in the game. If played correctly, the bets pay off at their true chances giving zero advantage to the casino for any of your bets. Your choices at casinos include two times craps, three times craps or even five times craps!


Also known as Punto Banco, Baccarat is the Roulette of cards. You bet whether you will have a higher total on your cards than the dealer, a lower number, or that you will tie. You get dealt 3 cards and the dealer gets 2. Then you win or lose. It’s that simple. Every round is a game of chance, but the slim divide between a win and a loss is gripping.

Six Shooter

In Six Shooter, it’s just you vs the house. The house rolls 6 dice. You then roll 3 sets of 3 dice. The aim is for the player to match the dealer’s dice. Its lack of strategy and other players might’ve been a problem. But the multiple rounds and random nature give this game a drawn-out tension that you can only find in very few casino games.

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