Review Fix Exclusive: Night Market Talks Origin, Goals and White Seasons

Review Fix chats with Night Market’s Jon Swan and Evan Effres, who discuss their new EP, White Seasons.

About Night Market:

Los Angeles band, Night Market, dips into a classic rock inspired sound on their brand new EP, “White Seasons.” The duo, comprised of Evan Effres (vocals/guitar) and Jon Swan (vocals/guitar), formed in 2017 and immediately discovered a cohesive songwriting style. Their debut EP, released in October 2018, is flush with inspiration from artists like Real Estate, Young The Giant, and Built to Spill. Their vocal driven sound struck a chord with fans, critics, and music supervisors alike garnering them an influx of attention. The track “Miles Alone” was featured on NBC’s Manifest while an early version of “White Seasons” the single, was featured on both NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura and ABC’s A Million Little Things. All the while they’ve been performing at popular LA venues and are hard at work on new music, including the writing and recording of their newest EP, “White Seasons.”

Review Fix: How did the group get together?

Jon: My girlfriend is Evan’s stepsister, so we met when I started dating her.

Evan: Yeah, we’ve been playing music together in some capacity for the last several years and got more serious with playing shows and stuff two summers ago.  

Review Fix: What makes you guys different?

Evan: We’re just trying to be ourselves and play music that we like. 

Jon: We both have various backgrounds with music and have played with a ton of other artists and shows for ourselves. We just try to speak to ourselves and the kind of music we like to play, all influences included. 

Review Fix: How has the exposure you’ve gotten on NBC and ABC helped?

Evan: We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from people that otherwise wouldn’t have heard our songs, which is really cool, and it’s helped a bit with our credibility as a band for booking shows and stuff like that. 

Jon: It has allowed us to play some better gigs than before and really added some weight to our songs. Most importantly, though, it has allowed our music to reach more people than we originally could.

Review Fix: What makes this EP unique?

Evan: I think the harmonies and guitar lines blend really well together in a unique way. 

Jon: This EP is our acoustic take of songs we love playing with a full band. So for us, this isn’t our normal sound but we always love trying new approaches to old songs.

Review Fix: What’s the standout track?

Evan: I think “White Seasons,” although I love all three of the songs on the new EP. They’re each very different, which is great. 

Jon: For me, it’s “All Eyes.” It just has such a strong message in the chorus that’s supported by the momentum of the lyrics and the chords. 

Review Fix: How was it written?

Evan: I wrote “White Seasons” and “All Eyes” several years ago while in school. Like a lot of my songs, I started with some chord progressions on my acoustic guitar, hummed some simple melodies over those progressions that I liked, and then added the lyrics, other guitar riffs, and harmonies later once I had a simple arrangement. The songs have been tweaked a lot over the years, and Jon and I spent a lot of time working on new guitar riffs, harmonies, and tweaking parts here and there. I really like they way the songs have transformed into their current state. 

Review Fix: What’s next?

Evan: We’re continuing to write and play shows and just have a great time making music that we enjoy and that hopefully others enjoy as well! 

Jon: Next we are playing summer shows and writing new music for the next recording project.

Review Fix: Anything you’d like to add?

Evan: Thanks for the interview! And for those of you that have read this far down, follow us on social media at @nightmarketmusic and check out our upcoming shows!  

Jon: Come to our show on July 13 at Hotel Café!

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