Shelita Album Review: Smooth, Sensual and Strong

The dynamic Pop landscape of today is incredibly diverse. From heavy hip-hop beats to dance anthems, the smooth and sensual sounds of R&B are not without representation. Shelita sets out to make her mark with an eclectic R&B sound to define her debut album. This self-titled debut is not one to be missed. Every track on this album has something unique to offer in this robust first offering.

The first track, Religion!, is a fantastic intro to the album. The declaration of love as her religion comes across in a catchy chorus backed up by a smooth, head-waving beat. It leaves you wanting more, which the album proves to deliver in spades. Libations! follows the first track, and instantly sets up a captivating jazzy aesthetic. The snaps in front of the soft synths give a nice bridge when the song kicks into high gear in the chorus. The way the snaps meld into the beat during the chorus is smooth like butter. The song has a sophisticated aesthetic to it and gives off the feeling of a true celebration rather than a crazy rager. A great take on a dance beat that isn’t laced in heavy electro house or raver jams. 

Tango! is another stand-out track. The wordplay at work on this track is amazing. Lines such as “Need me like your eyes, quiet like a ghost, hold me close. Hold me close” are just a few that will stick out in front of the Moulin Rouge style beats. Shelita lays the sensuality on hard in this track, with twists and turns in the mixing that prove to surprise and add tons of personality to the track. Together! is a powerful show of Shelita’s vocal prowess. She displays fantastic range and the emotion in her words is palpable in lines such as “if you see me, I could convince you. To convince yourself to stay.” The power and raw emotion on this track is backed up by an elegant and eclectic synth R&B beat. Penetrate! is also a noteworthy track. The understanding of the versatile R&B beats is shown off well in this track, as the mixing of more traditional R&B and modern synths create a very sensual and mysterious aesthetic. The strong, sensual vocal performance on this track is provocative and sexy. Backed up with a hell of a sexy chorus, Penetrate! is definitely a jam to be experienced.

Shelita’s self-titled debut is nothing short of captivating. A defined, sensual R&B sound supports a voice that is destined for greatness. The various eclectic vocal performances on this album, coupled with inspired and sexy R&B beats makes this album a treat to the ears. The tracks ooze personality and refinement that shows off the eclectic nature of Shelita. After just one listen at least one of these tracks will make it onto your playlist. It would be wise for the pop fan to take note of Shelita, because she may just be the next big thing.

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