The Adventures of Boone Dias Continue in Ether: The Disappearance of Violet Bell

From New York Times–bestselling Mind MGMT creator MATT KINDT and Black Hammer’s DAVID RUBÍN comes the third volume of this fantasy adventure that’s Sherlock Holmes meets Dr. Seuss. Welcome back to the wonderful world of magic, science, and interdimensional adventure in Ether: The Disappearance of Violet Bell.

In Ether: The Disappearance of Violet Bell, The Faerie King’s daughter is missing and only portal jumper Boone Dias can track her down. Jumping from one magical crime scene to another, he uncovers a bizarre plot featuring assassin eggs, rancid pirates, ice deserts, and room of immortal gods, desperate to finally be able to die.

Ether: The Disappearance of Violet Bell #1 (of five) goes on sale September 18, 2019, and features a standard cover by David Rubín and a variant by Paul Azaceta! Ether: The Disappearance of Violet Bell #1 is available for pre-order at your local comic shop.

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