Review Fix Exclusive: Dr. Dave Talks ‘Midnight Daydream’ And More

Review Fix chats with Dr. Dave of Dr. Dave & the Housecall Band, who discusses his origin in music and what makes Jazz so special.

Review Fix: How did you get involved in music? 

Dr. Dave: I began playing guitar when I was in 4th grade. I always had a desire to play music. The guitar most common instrument used for pop & rock music. Also, I really liked what was called “Surf Music” The main instrument for that style of music is guitar, ie…The Ventures, The Beach Boys, Dick Dale & the Deltones, The Surfaris. Later  I was introduced to Blues, and blues took me to Jazz.

Review Fix: What makes you unique? 

Dr. Dave: I have a unique style of playing the guitar because I am self-taught. So, I didn’t follow the traditional rules of playing technique on the guitar. As a result, I developed my own style. 

Review Fix: What are your goals in music? 

Dr. Dave: My goal is to have my music be heard by as many people as possible. That’s the reason I create the music….for people to listen to.  

Review Fix: How would you describe my sound to someone who has never heard you?

Dr. Dave: It’s a combination of contemporary Jazz & traditional Jazz improvisation, that is played over rhythms influenced by pop music, rock, soul and especially blues. 

Review Fix: Why does Jazz matter? 

Dr. Dave: Jazz matters because it is a form of music that encourages “Self Expression and uniqueness of the individual”. Everyone has uniqueness. And, it is important for the development & personal growth of all people to get in touch with their uniqueness. There is only one “you.” And there will never be another “you.”

That’s what makes each individual special. 

Review Fix: Who will enjoy this album the most? 

Dr. Dave: The nice thing about this album is that it has influences from many different styles of music. Therefore, it will appeal to many people who typically don’t listen to Jazz. But, to answer the question,  my album will appeal the most, to people who enjoy  instrumental  music 

Review Fix: What makes this album special?

Dr. Dave: The rare combination of blending jazz & blues with pop music. 

Review Fix: What’s the standout track? How was it written? 

Dr. Dave:  I think that there are 2 songs that are the standout tracks. The first is the title cut: “Midnight Daydream.” The second is: “Sexy Cindy.”

The idea behind Midnight Daydream was to blend a traditional Jazz chord form, with a simple Melody line that was easy to remember. Along with the use of the traditional a sax /horn section sounds, blended with the more modern electric instruments. 

Sexy Cindy, was based on a simple pop rhythm that had a groove that tends to cause people to want to move there bodies a little bit (lol). Then, vocals were added to make it “Fun” and so that people would be able to sing along with the song. (The music video version on YouTube). 

Smooth Jazz radio preferred the song to be without the words. So, I have 2 versions of Sexy Cindy. The vocal Fun version is more directed to the general public who likes to listen to pop music.  And, The smooth Jazz non-vocal version is more for jazz listeners. 

Review Fix: What’s next? 

Dr. Dave: I plan to release an album next year called: Dr. Dave & the HouseCall Band, “CAREFREE 2020.”

Review Fix: Anything you’d like to add?

Dr. Dave: Yes. I hope that you all enjoy my music!  

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