Tend the Fire by Howard Simon Review: Tender, Lively Charm

Soft rock has a very personal charm to it. With a friendly and heartfelt sound, the vocals are able to shine within the robust genre. Howard Simon shows his prowess with his new single, “Tend the Fire.” A song of heartbreak, lessons learned and love. This is a promising and heartfelt preview to his next album.

The lyrics are full of moving lines from the very beginning. “Before we go, I just want to say, you made my life a wonder in a million different ways” is so touching and very heartfelt when delivered by the tender vocals of Howard Simon. Other lines such as “but who I am isn’t who I was, I love you and I always will just because” are heartbreaking and full of emotion. Others are about moving on, such as “you laugh, you lose, you learn to love, you live your life, you die” which when taken as a whole offer a lyrically robust track. The instrumental is soft like the tender vocals, but a bit sunnier to keep a pace. The soft aesthetic makes the gospel vocals in the chorus feel great when it hits. This goes double for when the guitar solo makes the song spring to life during the outro. When the song comes to life it will no doubt make you smile.

“Tend the Fire” is a fantastic offering from Howard Simon. The song of love lost and the wisdom it comes with is a somber one. The track shows off the charm of Simon and his ability to make a song spring to life through its personality. He hones his emotions to give a fantastic taste of what is to come in his new album. “Tend the Fire” is definitely for any fan of soft rock, or for someone looking for a lively twist on a somber story. I eagerly await the full release of “Western Reserve.”

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