Playing Kingdom Hearts 3 More Than Six Months Later

Yes, I’m playing Kingdom Hearts 3 after an entire six months. I was busy working, traveling, and playing casino games on my mobile. So if you can forgive me, we can get on with it.

The Kingdom Hearts games have been one of my favorite games over the years. The lovable Sora along with his Disney sidekicks has had my heart pumped every time I play them. SO suffice to say that my review of Kingdom Hearts 3 is filtered through 17 years of nostalgia.

I was neck-deep in work and busy enjoying the live casino free spins in between tasks that I completely forgot about the game. But now that I’m back in my wits, and have played the game, I’m very happy how it all came out.

The Game

Many RPG sequels use the common trope of the hero losing his powers, but Kindom Hearts 3 pulls it off just right by smartly tying it to Sora’s fight against darkness. It works because it builds on one of the biggest struggles Sora went through in the previous games.

The game creators have also learned from their past mistakes. Hence, you won’t encounter the long and slow prologue many people disliked in Kingdom Hearts 2. The first world we jump in with Sora is Thebes and Olympus. Here, Sora needs to help Hercules against his fight with Titans. The battle sets a good pace for the start of the game.

However, the sense of urgency, and consequently the pace of the game waivers here and there as some world-specific stories are given too much of the spotlight. In some cases, like the Toy Story plotline, the quest even feels devoid of real stakes.

This increase and decrease in pacing can feel frustrating over the about 27-hour story. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with some new additions to the combat mechanics, and how it’s all turned out. 

I was rooting for the story of course but was taken aback by how good the combat felt. You’ll be battling the Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed throughout the game, but the evolving elements keep combat fun even several worlds into the adventure.

My favorite, though, was the newly-added ability called Attraction Flow. It lets you call in Disney park-like rides in the middle of battle. You can call in a massive river raft that cascades across the battlefield and wreaks havoc in its wake, or a huge pirate ship that swings back and forth and sends anyone that crosses its path flying out of the battlefield. And while they help you battle your inundating enemies, they also act as spectacular light shows that you’re sure not to forget soon.

Kingdom Hearts 3 won my heart for sure, but there were some inconsistencies for sure. Like everyone else, I expect the game to be crowded by Disney’s world stories superseding the main plot, but since this game is supposed to be the conclusion of a 17-year trilogy, things needed to be a little more main story-focused.

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