White Owl Red – I Walk The Line For You Review: A Heavy-Hearted Western

White Owl Red is a band with an authentic and defined feel. The heartfelt aesthetic of their Americana rock has become a signature to their music. “I Walk the Line For You” sticks to this feel but holds a distinct personality from most of their other work. It is a track that unlike their last one and will take you back to their passionate “Existential Frontiers” days, with a soulful vocal performance and an inspired instrumental. 

Right from the top the track defines its western aesthetic. The Johnny Cash Wild West rock aesthetic is full force in this track, with the marching drums and the twanging guitar. The bass grooves steadily as well, tying it all up to burst at the seams during the chorus when it all picks up. The precision and timing showcased here is also fantastic behind the carrying beat of the drums. The real star of the show here, though, is Josef McManus and his deep, soulful vocal performance. He takes a lower tone in this track and the aesthetic fits him well. This performance makes lines such as “a man must fight a thousand demons to keep the one he loves” memorable along with the rest of the track. Accompanied by some excellent, subtle backup vocals, this performance is a stand-out one in the catalog of White Owl Red.

I Walk The Line For You feels like a much-needed breath of fresh air. The new vocal aesthetic is emotional and adds a depth to the track that can’t be overstated. Backed by eclectic instrumental and a great backup vocal, this track will remind you of the passionate side of White Owl Red. While a must-listen for any fan, I Walk The Line For You deserves a listen from anyone with an interest in the genre.

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