Frankenstein Undone #1 Review: Continuing the Classic

After the success of “Frankenstein: Underground” Mike Mignola and Scott Allie decided to go back to Mary Shelly’s masterpiece with a sequel called “Frankenstein: Undone” with art by Ben Stenbeck and colors by Brennan Wagner. After killing Dr. Frankenstein, the monster continues his trek through the North Pole. Throughout this trek, he will go through some powerful philosophical thinking about what and who he really is. That’s basically the entire first issue.

The monster seriously contemplating what he did, where he is going, who he is and what is man. While some people reading this will get bored of reading what sounds like a mid-life crisis, in a way it fits with what Mary Shelly wrote in the original novel. This is also one of those super rare times where a sequel to “Frankenstein” doesn’t have the monster just be some raging lunatic that kills people or brought back to life by somebody. This story seems to be more in line with what Shelly had in mind when creating the book.

Of course, there is a possibility that Mignola and Allie can just throw away the philosophical idea of of ‘Frankenstein” and just turn it into a mindless action scene or turn it into another “Universal Studios” sequel where the original meaning of the book is forgotten in favor of telling the story to the masses. That’s something to take into consideration and it could be a deal-breaker for “Frankenstein” fans if this happens.

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