Review Fix Exclusive: Linda Salvin Talks Future And More

Review Fix chats with psychic Linda Salvin, who talks about her career and goals for the future.

Review Fix: For people who don’t know who you are, tell us?

Linda Salvin: My name is Dr. Linda Salvin.  I am an internationally recognized psychic and healer with a candle magic line. I am a spiritualist; I spent over 18 years on radio before the internet, teaching spiritual concepts, giving readings and speaking to the deceased long before it was popular.   

I have had a private practice since 1994. I have been on radio, TV, in infomercials, a few movies and love helping people.

I love the animal kingdom, hope for peace and health on this planet and wish the negativity and darkness of earth would go away. But, it never will.  I do what I can to make it a better place and overcome obstacles when I can.  Nothing is perfect and the best we can do is be open, loving, forgiving and helpful.

Review Fix: What makes you different from other psychics?

Salvin: I was not psychic as a kid and I did not study to open my gifts as some would say.  I became psychic and elevated to different levels after life-threatening events. The first in 1981 was surviving a commercial airplane crash.  I was in a Boeing 737 that crash landed with 109 people; we all survived.  I had an out of body experience sliding down the ramp. I was 50 feet out of my body for 4 months.  I became psychic that day. I spent over 6 years trying to heal. A year later, while on my way to an interview and still healing from the plane crash, my car was hit by a firetruck; I had another out of body/near-death experience and my psychic abilities escalated. Again, in 1984, while in a car crash, my automobile spun out and the white light went from my head, through the roof of my Camero and into the heavens.  A loud voice said, “You can come with us know or stay and do…” and I was given a message…just as the voice spoke while sliding down the ramp 3 years prior.  I haven’t heard ‘that’ voice since.  I am different from others because I have a direct line to the other side, was initiated so to speak and not ‘trained’ or born ‘with the veil’.  I am over 90% accurate with a very quick ability to hear, access and define a situation and predict.  

Review Fix: What would you say to a non-believer for them to understand what you do?

Salvin: I love working with skeptics and non believers and teach them, show them, prove to them, open the door, stun them, question them and then laugh with them once the wall or belief is shattered.  

Review Fix: What are you working on now?

Salvin: Currently, I continue to assist clients with spiritual guidance as well as I have patients I treat with cold red laser to contour their body.  I am working of various literary projects I would like to develop for tv and film.  I’m creative as well as scientific; I love working, getting messages out and of course entertaining people.  I make people laugh during sessions and that is half the goal.  To help each of us lighten up…that’s why there is the term ‘enlightenment’.

Review Fix: What are your goals for 2020?

Salvin: I would like to publish my long-awaited book and enter into a contract to produce one of my projects. I have dreams of selling my candle magic line, Wicks of Wisdom to the right start-up who has the vision of these formulas. I have helped thousands after being trained in candle magic and have formulas which help people in love, money, finances, health, legal, personal wellness and more.  The candle formulas combine Santeria with Kabbalah. I took away the occult and made them mainstream in 1999.  I have worked with people from the white house to the homeless, the entertainment industry, students and of course every day people like you and me.  These really work…skeptic or not.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Salvin: I’m not sure what’s next. Perhaps I should ask my psychic?

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Salvin: I know from speaking to many readers, I have a truer accuracy rate than many.  Some act as if they have a gift; I know I have a gift. I am not a charleton, my feedback, testimonies and track record speaks for itself.  I am scientific, creative and spiritual.  Not all psychics are spiritual.

Many use “God” or “religion” which have nothing to do with being psychic.  In the mid-90s, a woman now deceased, compared me to Edgar Cayce.  She was his photographer in the 1940s.  I have been helping people a very long time.  I’m grateful for the opportunity.  

I am available for personal consultations, public appearances and interviews.  

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