Review Fix Exclusive: Livio RamondelliTalks ‘The Kill Lock’

Review Fix talks with upcoming comic artist/writer Livio Ramondelli, as he discuss his new comics series, THE KILL LOCK, as he discusses the writing, the favorite characters, and finding a deeper meaning to the series.

Review Fix: To begin, why robots, why not organic beings?

Livio Ramondell: Robots (and sci-fi in general) allow you to explore real-world issues with just enough distance that it can feel more objective. Also, some of the dark sense of humor in this series is hopefully a lot more fun, given that it’s with robots rather than possibly some uncomfortable moments with people.

Review Fix: What is your favorite character to write, and why?

Ramondell: My two favorites are The Wraith and The Artisan. The latter is fun because he has no filter and is free to be as offensive as possible. His sense of humor is also especially helpful in a series like this since he can poke holes in the usual sci-fi tropes one might expect. The Wraith is just as fun because he’s such an opposite. He’s stoic, moral, and yet also has a manner that is intentionally meant to feel like he comes from a different era in society. Those two contrasts are a lot of fun.  

Review Fix: Would you say there is a more in-depth commentary with the story regarding the criminal-justice system, redeeming oneself after a crime (be it purposeful or accidental), or living with oneself despite the circumstances?

Ramondell: Initially, I didn’t think so. I viewed it more as a hopefully interesting narrative starting point to kick off this story. However, over time I think it did evolve a bit into exploring that. Not so much as a commentary with me declaring my verdict on it, but more so just showcasing what happens when society punishes individuals and casts them out- those people have lives that continue despite society thinking they’re a problem that’s been “removed.” 

Review Fix: Overall, how is being the writer and the artist like in writing a story like this?

Ramondell: It’s been one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever worked on. Watching the characters evolve and become more real to me, and just seeing the story come together has been an absolute blast. I highly encourage anyone looking to do their own original stories to do it. It’s one of the most rewarding things ever. 

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