How to Find Sources for a Research Paper

How to Find Sources for a Research Paper

Writing a good paper is always a challenge. What even more of a challenge is the need to search for good and reliable sources to support your arguments. In fact, often writing is not the hardest or longest part of the process. It is the research that takes the most of your precious time. It is also the part that can put you in the most distress. To prevent that from happening any student needs to know how to do make good research. By learning how to do that you will automatically learn how to find good sources stress-free and in no time at all. In addition to finding excellent sources, a site like CustomEssayMeister is a wonderful resource as well.

Here is our guide on finding sources in the most efficient way.


Research is the most important part of the preparation for writing. Trust me when I say, you can’t go far without a deep understanding of what you are writing about. This means that your research will define how good or how bad you can write your paper. It also means that by researching the topic of your paper you can find the best sources as they directly relate to your topic and helped you to understand it better. 

Identify what you are writing about

The most precise you will be about the topic of your writing, the easier it will be to look for good sources. If you picked a broad theme to write about you may find it hard searching for sources that represent your ideas well. Though, when your topic is precise and well-defined, it can help you to find the most related sources. 

Consider different types of sources

You can find valuable and credible sources in the majority of respected media. Even if you are looking for academic resources only, don’t be hesitant to check on new outlet. For the very least, you will have a new or more broad perspective on the matter; the best-case scenario, you will find that their piece is based on academic studies. Surely, if you keep struggling with that, you can always find some research paper help that gladly helps you out of your misery.

Focus on the purpose of the paper

Don’t be distracted by the article and books that you are reading for the paper of yours. Try to stay focus on what you want to say, describe, research and analyze in your work. It is very important to stay on your initial decision otherwise you will keep replacing the sources as they will continue to shift the perspective of the topic. Thus, it is crucial that you are certain in the topic you chose and the angle you want to approach it. 

Check the library

I’m not sure if we even should mention such an obvious idea but, yeah, go on and check out the library in your school. Surely, it may seem like an outdated piece of advice and research websites only seem like a better idea. But don’t be fooled by libraries’ recent reputation. They still rock in terms on finding the best sources you can ask for. First of all, you can always ask for some help from people who work there. They will surely know the topic you are writing about and can, for the very least, send you to the right direction. If you are lucky, they’ll have some good tips and recommendations on where you should start ou search and what it can include. So don’t be hesitant to visit your school library once you are done with the previous steps of the search. 


In our experience, the best way to find good sources for your paper is to be genuinely interested in the topic of your writing. If you are interested in what you are writing about you will enjoy the time you dedicate to your paper. If you are enjoying it,you will most definitely look for more information on the topic, search for different opinions, investigate the differences in views and so on. Thus, our advice is to choose the topic of your liking and dedicate your full attention to the research stage of the paper. By that, you will most certainly find the best sources with no trouble at all. We wish you good luck!

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