For the past 4 years, UDON Entertainment has produced high quality collectors pins that were offered exclusively at various conventions. These pins are highly sought after by fans of different properties, including Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Mega Man, Monster Hunter, Okami, Persona, Evangelion, Robotech, and more.  On June 1, 2020, UDON will be launching a brand new pin portal, www.udonpins.com, as part of their online shop as a way to offer more exclusive collectibles for pin enthusiasts.
To kick things off, UDON will be offering two brand new designs for sale – Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero collector pins!  These pins are made with cloisonné hard enamel that have a jewel-like finish.  Each pin also features multiple color screen printing for extra details.  Both of these Mega Man pins are at a jumbo size of 2.75 inches in length and will be available on June 1, 2020. 
Selected fan favorites will also be available to purchase when the store launches, and new products will be added on a regular basis. 
UDON has also started the UDON Pins Official Facebook Group for fans to share their love of all the pins UDON has made.  Exclusive news and previews will be announced first in the group so join today to get the latest details on your favorite pin properties!  JOIN NOW! 
MARK YOUR CALENDARS – JUNE 1, 2020: www.udonpins.com – Your Ultimate Destination for High End Collectible Designed by UDON Entertainment! 

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