GTA V Diamond Casino & Resort – A Guide To Life as a VIP Player

Since 2013, GTA fans have eagerly waited for the coming soon signs on the game’s casino to be taken down. Rockstar Games recently indulged them by launching The Diamond Casino and Resort. The casino will offer new luxurious properties to buy, high-stakes casino games to wager on, as well as the glamorous vibe that’s reserved for VIP players. Now, you have to note, the emphasis is on VIP. Getting to this esteemed status is rewarded by being able to part in these offers. 

However, doing so can be quite challenging if you’re not sure what you’re doing. To help you start living like a rock star, we’ve created this GTA Online Casino VIP guide. We’ll cover the requirements you need to fulfil to become a Diamond VIP member, as well as some of the services you’ll get.

How to Get Started in the Casino

Once you locate the Diamond Casino and enter the building, you’re welcomed and allowed to explore the interior and various activities. If you want to play any of the games, then you have to purchase a membership. Players can opt for the standard membership, which will set them back $5000. The standard membership allows you to enjoy the basic versions of the games. But since we want to go for the full games experience, we’ll need a VIP membership.

Getting the GTA Online Casino VIP Status

If you want to become a VIP member, you must purchase a Penthouse. You can start by buying the base model for $1,500,000 and upgrade it later to suit your preferences. Buying the base model is enough to earn you access to all the casino’s features and to start completing missions for Ms Baker. Once you’ve paid your way into the GTA Online Casino Silver Status package, you can start working to increase your VIP status. Each status level has a specific set of requirements—so let’s get into more detail about what you need to do.

Gold Status

To reach the Gold VIP Status, you need to assist the owner, Tao Cheng. When you see him, he’ll give you a mission to defend the casino against invading Texan tycoons. After you complete this mission, you move on to completing the House Keeping mission and then upgrade to Gold Status. Gold VIP members get an exclusive livery and a matching tee.

Platinum Status

To become the king of the castle, you’ll have to reach the Platinum Status by completing 5 Casino Work Missions for Ms Baker. For completing each mission, you’ll get money and some chips. After you complete all five, you’ll get a Lucky 7s tattoo and a Kronos Ara Watch. Congratulations on attaining the Platinum Member status.

GTA Online Casino Diamond Status

The highest GTA Online Casino status, Diamond, is the trickiest to reach. To do so, you’ll have to complete all the available co-op missions. Players can win two exclusive liveries—one for hosting a mission and another for playing a mission that’s being hosted by another Platinum Member. If you really want to take full advantage of playing at the Diamond Casino & Resort but don’t even know the basics of games like roulette and blackjack, you just have to practice elsewhere. Before losing all your chips, it’s best to look for online gambling operators that offer no deposit bonus on This way you can practice and implement the best strategies without investing money and then move on to GTA Online with a little more experience and confidence. 

You’re now a VIP Member. What’s next?

Once you buy your penthouse, you can customise it to suit your newly-found VIP status. Using chips from the casino, you can purchase some decorations for your loft—trinkets, wall art, sculptures, anything you want. You can place these decorations anywhere you want.

You can also buy 22 new cars that were added to the game in this new update. These include 3 sports classic cars, 3 muscle cars, 5 supercars, 1 motorcycle, 2 off-road vehicles, 6 sports cars, 1 SUV, and an armoured car. 

The new GTA update, of course, mainly affects the casino. Both the swanky new building’s interior and exterior were exquisitely modelled. The interior is almost a maze, where you can get lost in the slot machines, VIP rooms, bright lights, and other players. The casino is also a shared space where everyone can interact peacefully, as all weapons are disabled. 

After paying for a casino membership, it’s only natural that you’d expect to be able to gamble. You can find games such as the Luck Wheel, Slot Machines, Table Games, and Horse Racing. However, you can only play against the house. Unfortunately, the horse racing track is away from the casino, so you get to watch races on the various casino TVs.

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