Save Your Nuts Initial Thoughts

Save your Nuts is an Indie game devolved and published by Triple Scale Games that ultimately is best played with more than a pair of nuts than just one.

While the choice of name for the game is totally eye-catching and a charming play on words, obviously great marketing, the gameplay isn’t as clever. Although the name alone totally makes you stop and take a look, scrolling through the eshop on the Switch, once the game starts up, the novelty wears thin in single-player.

However, if you are looking for a fun Couch party game, this has its moments. It’s humor and concept work best with friends as you gather nuts (acorns) and try to capture them, bringing them back to your side while the other team is attempting to chase you and steal them. Up to eight players can play so it definitely gets frenetic and has that old-school Hungry Hungry Hippos feel. It also has online multiplayer- )but we were not able to get any matchmaking to experience it online).

That being said, the game is easy to get into. Allowing the player to select bots to customize your team is a nice touch. Some of the Arenas felt more enjoyable to play on than others, such as the Backyard, while Train Station was very chaotic. The game’s powerups are interesting as well and add a unique touch to an already challenging experience.

Unfortunately, the single-player experience leaves players feeling wanting more. It doesn’t capture the same feel as playing with others. A single-player story base option perhaps, where the player has to complete multiple objectives to save the nuts would have provided more depth to the story. 

Overall, as party game, Save Your Nuts is enjoyable. The 3D graphics are nice and the gameplay is smooth. While it’s great to play with your friends and family, it’s just not the same by yourself.

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